Fun fact regarding abnormal gear operation, A320

This applies to the airbus A320, and I found it a little cool fact.

In the case of abnormal landing gear, crew will in most cases switch ram air on. This will ensure that the aircraft is correctly depressurisated before touchdown just in case of a fuselage crack or similiar (which might happen with abnormal L/G).


Interesting, thanks!


There is no link between RAT (which would then power Electric Pump of Blue Hydraulic system and the therefore the EMER GEN) and the landing gear…

Pressure is controlled with an outflow valve (+ safety valves are fitted as well). I did not find any relation about that in the FCOM. Would you have any link which explains it in detail?

And what do you mean exactly by ’ Abnormal L/G '?


L/G stands for landing gear.

Hi AF, long time no see, I hope you are doing well. I must have been a little tired yesterday not sure why I wrote ram air turbine. I meant the ram air item, not the RAT.

QRH Abnormal procedures (LDG with ABNORMAL L/G)

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