Fun Fact I discovered

Fun Fact: This Delta A330-300 coming to Infinite Flight is register number N822NW is actually the same plane I took on June 19, 2021 on my way from HNL-MSP. So it’s an honor at least for me to fly this exact plane number on the simulator. Here is the video I took of the N822NW aircraft. Hope you enjoy!

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Amazing! It will sure be fun to recreate the flight yourself😆


Ah yes actually my first flight on the A330 will be Delta from Honolulu to Minneapolis St. Paul. I will try and fly the exact route I did in real life.

The coincidence tho ur a lucky man

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I sure am.

Nice! If I were you, my first A333 flight would be that 😂

I also discovered something like that a long time ago.
The KLM 747, 2015 livery, has the same registration of the plane I took to fly from Amsterdam to Mexico back in August 2019

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5:30pm-6:10am for the flight HNL-MSP.

And lucky you! I’ve never rode on a 747 before, but I bet it was the best experience for you.

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It sure was an amazing experience, something I’ll never forget 👑🛩

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I believe it’s called, " The Queen Of The Skies"?

Right, da queen ⭐

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Maybe one day I’ll ride on one. (If they don’t retire all of them yet).

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