Fun Experience at JFK

My experience at JFK today was fun and crazy.After doing so many 360’s for spacing and having to go around three times I gave up and landed at Newark Liberty 😂the ATC service was good out there.How was your experience if you flew there ?

This could go wrong so many ways and become heated (I know that wasn’t your goal, but if I know anything about this forum, it’s that people are gonna take this and turn it into an open complaint thread).

So, before everyone comes in with their stories of go arounds and the like, check out the volume. I checked a little bit ago and KMSP had 3 inbound and KJFK around 151. So let’s remember that there isn’t Center. There isn’t Clearance/Delivery. It’s just a mass of planes arriving in huge bunches. There’s bound to be some poor experiences, so just bear in mind the volume and temper your rage a bit.

*Your as in future posters who may want to vent, not the OP, who did not do that. I’m just being proactive.

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Interesting, I myself would have probably done the same. Lots of traffic really adds onto your flight time so I usually end up diverting or avoid this altogether and fly somewhere else. I guess this is always something one should consider, do they want an eventful and varied flight or nice and simple.

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I perfectly understand thanks…Based on your advice I think mod should please close this topic.

Hi there, I was the IFATC at JFK. Sorry if u ended up diverting. I really had so limited space to manage all the aircraft and I didn’t have approach which made it even more difficult. Hope you have had a nice experience. See ya in skies

Sebastian9915 IFATC


I personally think you did a great job for having the patience to control all those aircrafts with Approach to help out.

I’ve had to do 3 360s for spacing and never had bad feelings about this - pure fun ;) the only problem what occured was that approach went offline(maybe connection issues) - no hard feelings at all… suddenly seb had ground and tower with 30+ planes…the solution was excellent when seb went offline and online just as tower, don’t know who was the ground controller though, but kudos to him aswell…

I’ve msg some controllers privately just to say thank you…but my 1st post on this forum will be a HUUUUGE thank you for Seb!!!


I agree with you Seb did a good job.

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