Fun escorts

Sometimes it’s just fun to fly around with other fighters or just escort out of boredom lol. If you see someone callsign Misfit flying close to you I’m just having some fun.


I saw Misfit flying while controlling the San Diego Center a few days ago. That was you?

I was trying to keep you inside the region, because you said you wanted to stay in the region and land at San Diego, not take a leisure flight to the New York region. Plus, Free Flight is where you do cross-region flights.

Yea that was me. I forgot I asked for that but I enjoyed getting instructions and had fun flying with you.

Do you only fly F-14s? I fly F-22.

No I fly all of them usually f-18 since it’s easier to handle and doesn’t go as fast so easier to land. I was just on flying the f-14 doing touch and goes at klax. I usually will fly whatever the other person is flying as in if I’m in a game and I see a fighter flying around I will switch to theirs and haul ass to catch up with them in the air.

Oh okay. One time I changed my display name to Bogey and just went looking for fighters. Found two, had bit of a dog fight then spun them out of control lol. Such fun.

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Lol yea I do that sometimes had one try to get away and I was on him the whole time and he quit playing lol. I will probably be jumping on here in like 10mins and taking off at knuc. I’ll wait around for a bit to see if anyone else is flying.

My callsign is AN94 usual display name : Tornado. Which server do you prefer?

I usually play on Atc playground and Southern California.

Think you were in a region with me the other day… A few buzz passes! :)

What was your callsign? I try not to get to close but if I do it’s on accident. I’ve found myself flying fighters more lately than actual commercial planes lol.

Misfit was very. Close to me yesterday thanks for the fun. My name was escort

Dude that was fun. I lost ha after you landed and checked the map and you were gone. I wish there was a way we could actually communicate with other pilots so we could fly in formations much easier.