Fun Down Under | An AUNZFC + QVG Event Series | Leg 2 | @ YMLT - 092300ZMAY20

Fun Down Under

Welcome to Fun Down Under! This is a joint event series, hosted by the Australia & New Zealand Flying Club, and the Qantas Virtual Group. This series will feature 20 legs, showcasing the best of Australia and New Zealand and what we have to offer.

In Leg 2, we head down to Cambridge Aerodrome, which is Hobart’s GA airport. This short, direct flight is expected to take just over an hour in the Cirrus SR22.

Departure Airport: Launceston (YMLT)

Arrival Airport: Cambridge Aerodrome (YCBG)

Aircraft: Cirrus SR22

Server: Expert

Departure Time: 2020-05-09T22:00:00Z

  • Spawn at least 10 minutes before departure

  • Act Professionally

  • Take plenty of screenshots using the replay feature

  • Have Fun!

Flight Plan and other flight details will be revealed closer to the event date

Gate Pilot AUNZFC or QVG?
GA Apron 01 @Kacey Yes
GA Apron 02 @TheOneUnknownPilot N/A
GA Apron 03 @Alex_E Yes
GA Apron 04 @DanG387
Royal Flying Doctor Services 01
Royal Doctor Flying Services 02
Royal Flying Doctor Services 03
Royal Flying Doctor Services 04

More gates will be added if needed.

When signing up, please let us know if you are QVG or AUNZFC pilot.

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Australia & New Zealand Flying Club

We are the Australia & New Zealand Flying Club. Our mission is to deliver one of Infinite Flight’s finest aviation experiences, and to bring pilots down under to show them what Australia & New Zealand has to offer. We operate 3 divisions, ranging from the popular General Aviation sector, to the never before seen Medical Sector. And, all of our divisions allow you to fly when you want, where you want, and what you want.

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Qantas Virtual Group

Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator. We have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and all because of our passionate staff and the hundreds of members of our organisation. It is the result of over four years experience, rigorous training, and exceptional teamwork from many passionate employees and hundreds of pilots.

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Can I join?


Absolutely! You’ve got GA Apron 2. See you there!

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Sign me up!


Sure! You’ve got GA Apron 03. See you there!

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I’ll sign up

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You’ve got GA Apron 04. See you there!

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