Fun down in India

Focus country of the day is India! Although T1TAN didn’t have a main flight planned for the day due to personal issues, He was able to make up the loss by participating in IFAE’s weekly Monday Short Hop with fellow IFAE member, @Darius_Glover! Now, just a little information about this flight, this marks the VERY first time that T1TAN flew the Air India A321 since the aircrafts release back in 2016. With ZERO MILE visibility, T1TAN waits for Darius to get airborne!

Departure Airport: Jaipur International Airport (VIJP)

Arrival Airport: Delhi (VIDP)

Aircraft: Airbus A321 (Air India)

Duration: 36 minutes

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot: 8:15PM CST CHICAGO.

Photo edited with Lightroom.


Ah yes… Delhi and its horrendous fog that’s present like 99.9% of the time


Nice! Always love flying to Delhi. Best thing is the fog. Makes the approach fun and tricky which i love. Had a great time there!


Nice photo! Hope you like India and also the Air India livery.

@Siddhansh Delhi is covered by smog. The pollution makes the visibility low. Hope the condition of Delhi improves soon.

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@hari.shreyas rn there is no smog. Only diwali is the time of excess smog. This year there was next to zero smog in winter


That is debatable but let’s not do it now 😅


That should be in a PM, @Siddhansh. And that’s probably now the best idea to ask that. @hari.shreyas may not want to reveal that.

Nevertheless, great photo like always, @Andrew_C_Sonkin! That livery on the A321 looks so cool!


Is that smog? Or fog? Lol

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