Fun at the Alps.

Flight at 18:41 over Italian Alps in Lockheed Martin F-22. Who ever hasn’t, I suggest taking off from LIMC and proceeding North until you are above them. Also, last 2 are me at 113,000 ft. Physics breaks (it does’nt).

Training server 18:41 Lockheed Martin F-22 10nm North of LIMC

Btw drop a like if you like these pics, give me some comments on if u liked them and which ones.
I had a lot of fun making these so please suggest places for me to fly above and take photos of. Also I am happy to take in recommendations on the planes tho they have to have a high maximum velocity.


These are great, going over 100,000 feet is the best thing to do in the F-22.

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I love the Alps! Great shots!

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Very cool! The apls are amazing

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