Fun at KDCA

Hi IFC, so i did some plane spotting at dca i took some pictures while i was plane spotting
so i decided to share them with y’all!

side note

im too poor to afford a proper camera so i use my iphone camera sorry

lets start small, this ERJ-145 just came from KPIT, surprisely it 19yrs old!

now let’s look at his cousins, this e170 is now leaving to go to KLGA, bye bye!

this e175LR is coming from the same airport where the small delta e170 is going to, wow!

seems like this alaska b738 from KPDX having some birds friends

one of my favorite aircraft of all time, the b757 heading to KLAX but it sad seeing them being retired:(

next up a southwest b737-700 coming from KDAL kinda young just 16yrs!

a toddler a321? 4yrs old? came from KATL
delta kinda going crazy with the a321 of orders

a320Neo is now leaving to go to KDEN, byeee!!

and now the grand finale is the… the B738MAX just came from KMIA

well that all i hope you like the photos so byeee


That 737 with the birbs is awesome! 🤩

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I’ll just say, I don’t give a crap If you don’t have good photos. There such cool pictures, I really don’t pay attention to the quality!!!

They are super cool, and I’m glad you were able to have fun plane spotting!


Pictures don’t depend as much on quality as you think. A good photo has a photographer behind with a goal. If you want to take pictures of planes but can’t afford a good camera, your pics are better than most, because you have a passion and a goal

Great pics 😉


I had 4 times stop at DCA Airport last years ago, too.

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Delta a321 was my fav pic

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