Fun approaches that accomodate WB aircraft?


Wondering if anyone knows any fun approaches of airports that accomodate wide body aircraft.

Fun as in mountainous, with tricky turns and such.

I would fly them into airports such as LOWI or VQPR on solo but I’d rather fly a real life flight on ES.



Don’t fly wide bodies much, but Denver has a decent approach, and I think Salt Lake City has some wide bodies that go there, it’s a pretty cool approach too.


Like @Butter_Boi said, you have Denver and SLC that are very scenic, just not hard to land/approach. To be honest the biggest you’re gonna get to is an A320 realistically, but you could always make a YouTube video on doing hard approaches with big planes. That’s some IF content I would want to watch.


Spitting lies my friend. SLC takes 787s 767s 777s and MD-11Fs. DEN takes 767s 777s 787s A330s A350s 747s and can even accommodate the A380.

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KBIL has a UPS flight from Louisville, KGEG has a FedEx flight from Memphis, Vancouver has some good stuff as well. Check out montana airports (KMSO, KBZN, KGPI, KBIL, KBTM), not many widebodies but still some amazing approaches

I meant for difficult approaches.

KSFO has some tricky approaches IMO, maybe PANC?

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PANC approach is easy. Try PAJN…

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Look at this approach at Osaka. Till the last moment you don’t know whether it’s going for L or the grass.

Tyler had sent us this approach video yesterday


Just go for VHXX

VHXX is closed, therefore making any flight the OP does not a realistic one :)

Try flying into Mexico City (MMMX, MEX)! Beautiful scenery and many turns to line up with the runway

Judging from the current inbounds on FR24 MMMX looks like a really good one!

Thanks for the replies everyone. Will be trying them out.

Christchurch is a good one, if arriving from the west you need to time your decent well as the Southern Alps are close to the airport. Air New Zealand and Singapore airlines fly there, along with China Southern, Cathay and Emirates, quite a selection to choose from!

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I mean, make use of it. He says a real life flight, not a flight operating now :)

Try out the Canarsie Approach into JFK. A380s have flown this approach in the past.

Not sure if this counts, but the closed Kai Tak airport at Hong Kong is always my favourite (VHHX). Nothing like that checkerboard 13 approaching in a 747 to get that adrenaline pumping.

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Gotta agree with that.

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Funchal/Madeira (LPMA) does see a TAP A330 from time to time and has a fantastic approach!

I saw that. Impressive, from that perspective it looks like it will never make the runway.

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What runway did that jet land on !