Fun airports to land a 787 in

I’m looking for some fun or challenging airports that I can land the 787 in, and it would be able to fit IRL. Preferably in the free and Hawaii region.


Don’t know wether the Amsterdam region is free or not - but EHAM --> EBBR is quite a fun, short route in the KLM 787-10.

Okay, I’ll try it out! Thanks!

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KEWR, Morris Ave RWY 29 VISUAL. I’ll get a chart in a minute :)

Full resolution:

Which one shoudl I buy, B787-9 or 10

More liveries and not so big

787-9, more liveries than the -10

The 787-9 is good

There isn’t one…

Hi there, thanks for this. What region is it in? Thanks.

New York Region. It’s the funnest approach but a hard one too imho.

Okay, thanks!

What is the ICAO code?

KEWR, Newark Liberty International.

Yeah sorry didn’t notice

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Princess Juliana is a good airport for any plane.

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