Fully Automated Flights

I was listening to bbc radio 2 as you do and they were debating that they should remove the pilot aspect of flight and make it fully automated. At first I was like nah mate but then they said that in a real life comercial flight the pilot only touches the joystick for about 7 seconds the rest is automated. So I wanted to get your guys opinion like would you go on a plane where there is only a computer flying it? Personaly I think no but anyway I will leave it to you

I made a poll to make it easier but please alabirate in the comments :) Thx

  • Yes I love the idea of no pilots
  • Er I don’t really know
  • No definitely not we should keep pilots
  • Just for cargo flights

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I like the way that act, but if something fails, no one can help, but if there are two pilots (captain and co-pilot) they can help each other. Therefore, less error possibilities and safier flight. There is a way to control the aircraft from the external facility, but still there is some possibility to lose the signal or the signal can be jammed or even hacked… Perfect will never going to happen unless there are many backups for the every facility.


Yes but let me just tell you this out of all air crashes most of them were due to pilot error and also you can’t controle a plane externally it’s impossible

Nope, its possible. May bit different, but like drones or helicopters.
I know that most accidents are human error involved, but there are possibilities of getting both of them or one of them.


A common argument that I hear and I actually support is the “I don’t trust my life in the hands of something that doesn’t have a life” There have been countless times that an aircraft’s instrumentation has failed and a human has maintained the safety of the flight. The only reason we don’t hear about them is because they never result in an accident in the first place. In addition, a machine cant rationalize when to turn an aircraft around or divert in a medical emergency on board. Same thing goes for small indicator readings where a system is reading faulty. Pilots have that ability to rationalize what is wrong and if the problem actual does need to be dealt with on the ground immediately or in the air. If you put in a system that doesn’t take that chance to continue the journey you’re going to have a lot more cancelled/diverted flights that will sink the airline industry.


I say that pilots should stay because if something goes wrong in a passenger aircarft an auto mated system wouldn’t help but may make things worse in an accident. As some accidents the pilot will use all the he has learned to control the situation.


Personally, I dont think I will feel comfortable being in any type of aircraft without a pilot. I mean yes, I am sure there will be plenty of redundancies but still, if there is a complete power failure (very unlikely but lets say it does happen by say an EMP burst or a particularly strong solar flare), without a pilot what is there to stop the aircraft from crashing as the system fails?

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Possible on IF. Takeoff on A/P and activate APPR. While this looks impossible, I have actually done a KONT-KLAX flight with a 787 on LIVE like that.

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This is real life we are talking about here.


If they want no pilots then they should make their own automated flight at the radio station (only if they can)

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More so than that a Fuel leak that leaves a plane without power. Air Canada 143. An automated system would look to maintain altitude putting it in a nose up position and stall. A human pilot would do what the captain did and glide down.


Just realized. IF will be useless then. With no pilots IF WILL BE USELESS. NO WAY I’M LETTING THIS HAPPEN. And @KeDoG3 your correct about the gimli glider

  1. The computer system crash, the plane crash😳.
  2. Pilots lost there jobs!
  3. Pilot Instructor lost there jobs!

For passenger flights I think it’s a no-no in the near future.

Give us a decade with reliable, widespread self driving cars and perhaps the general public would be ok with it. There isn’t a fully automated cruise liner and let’s face it, that’s an easier technical task.

But I’d be surprised to see another clean sheet fighter jet with a human in the cockpit.

The military drones are coming on leaps and bounds.

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No bleeping way . What on earth are they going to do with all the kids out here that dream to be a pilot. I one day I hope to fly a commercial plane . Plus computers can act up all the time and it would be better to know that actual people are flying. I really hope this does not happen

ATC: speed bird 109 climb and maintain 32,000
Computer Pilot : Climb and maintain 60,000 ft speedbird 109
ATC : Speedbird 109 CLIMB AMD MAINTAIN 32,000 ft
Computer Pilot : Climb and maintain 2,000 ft speedbird 109
Computer pilot : Unable, Unable, Unable , Unable, Unable

BBC NEWS : BREAKING NEWS British Airways flight 109 crashes into Atlantic Ocean due to an issue with the system programs in the computer pilot.

Former British Airways pilot : aww that sucks I wonder who’s brilliant idea it was to replace pilots with computers. Well isn’t it great to be a truck driver :)

It’s literally like asking my 2 year old brother to fly a 777


Having a plane flow by computers without pilots is absolutely scary. Like everyone is saying, one error and your possibly doomed. Also computers aren’t safe with a possibility to be hacked. Hope this doesn’t happen in the near future or anytime in the future.😁

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Dude drones in the middle east are controlled from america that is external

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If automated flights happen, this will happen more than 5 times a day!


Yea but you guys need to remember you could fly across the Atlantic for £50

I’d rather fly across the Atlantic for 999,999,999£ and have IF

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