Full stop or not?

I wish you did clarify one point: when one makes patterns and decide to stop, you have to announce the full stop or not? because many ATC when I ask them this answer me “avoid unnecessary reporting.” so what is the best option?

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No because when you’re cleared for the option you can stop if you want. Once cleared for the option you can do anything like, runway fly overs etc.

if u don’t say full stop, the atc can clear for full stop or the option

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but u can do a full stop on an option which includes flyby, touch and go, stop and go, or full stop

This is the point,many of them when i report position and full stop give me a “avoid unnecessary report” but many of them dont like if you dont let him that you are stoping!

if they clear u for option, don’t let them know u r stopping

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When a pilot reports a position (FlightXY is on final, full stop) i answer (Roger), without clearing him again for landing, when I already cleared them for the option before. This is great for me to know, because I might have to calculate the sequencing differently in order to get him off the runway before the next aircraft arrives.

When a pilot calls inbound for landing (Flight is 4 nautical miles… inbound for landing) to tell me that his pattern work is done, he will get a “you’re already cleared for landing”, if he already is cleared for the option.

If he reports his position every round of his patterns he would receive an “avoid unnecessary reports”.


After being cleared for the option, you don’t have to report full stop, but as ATC it’s nice to know your intentions so I can prepare the expedite command.


good !this is the point! I also like when they call me fullstop

When an aircraft is doing pattern work than its important and recommended that the aircraft reports his/hers position with intentions.

If the pilot reports full stop than its safe to clear them to land, since it’s a full stop (wishing to land). If they don’t report their position, just clear them for the option.

If the pilot reports a touch and go, than its good to clear them for the option, make left/right traffic, since it gives instructions for after takeoff.

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If you are doing pattern work it’s common courtesy to announce full stop. It’s not required though. If you get that messages that your already cleared to land just ignore it. And Pm me the controller name they should be saying roger to acknowledge your change from touch and go to full stop. And so everyone is clear you don’t need a cleared to land for full stop the option covers that


While doing patter work, cleared for the option means many things
touch n go
low pass
full stop
stop and go.
just to name a few. While doing pattern work, if one wants to stop doing pattern work they should announce full stop so the controller knows to give them a runway exit command but its not required.

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If the pilot announces a full stop than it is also clearence to land :)

Yes, but when you cleared him befor for The Option you musnt cleared him again to Land… Because “cleared for The Option” includes landingd

  • Full Stop: Means landing
  • Touch & Go: Means cleared for the option make left/right traffic
  • If they don’t report position: Cleared for the option

Your safe with just cleared for the option. Unless it’s touch and go

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