Full spoilers

So the A320 which I fly quite a bit, in descents where with its “slick” wing it should be maintaining or even picking up speed, it drops speed even without spoilers for some reason. I’ve talked to our resident A320 pilot about it. The heavies tho they’ll go downhill and cause people violation headaches if they’re not quick on the draw!

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i think they go more

During final you often see the spoilers being extended and retracted to bleed of speed and altitude

I am bumping this because this is an important feature that we are missing, and hopefully wouldn’t prove too difficult to implement.
I would love to see something similar to flaps, with maybe 2-3 different flight spoiler options (plus the “armed” option).


I can agree. I was doing a flight from NZAA-KSEA with the 787-9 and upon decent (I needed to land before I left 4G range so I couldn’t do holding patterns to drop speed/altitude) and was descending at about 1500-2500 F/s and even with putting full flaps, flight spoilers and GEAR down I still got a speed vio for below FL100. Point being, variable spoiler settings would be nice to have.

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Yes, a slider function would be nice, but also keep the “armed” function. To be honest I’ve been wondering if any thing will change with the new UI coming out. We haven’t seen that feature at all on the new UI, since it’s only been shown on the C172.

As a fighter pilot this is a feature I’ve always hoped for