Full spoilers

In the real world you can sometimes see planes using full spoilers/speed brakes when descending to reduce speed. In other flight simulators you can control how far the spoilers go. I do really like how we can arm them in InfiniteFlight.

What I suggest is we have 4 options: the three we currently have (flat, flight, and armed) and in between flight and armed would be a “full” setting that would have them fully deployed regardless of in the air or on the ground, just like flight but fully extended.

Nice request, I didn’t know spoilers could be deployed fully in-flight.


Correction: The spoilers are generally not fully deployed in-flight. There are airspeed limitations that you need to be aware of. On the ground shortly after touchdown, are they fully deployed as they should. Maybe allow for a bit more spoiler extension, but not much. Feature would not be realistic.


Right there would be a speed restriction, but there isn’t anything that Infinite Flight does that tells you that you’re having a flap overspeed even. Going too fast with flaps deployed can indeed damage something but there isn’t any way of knowing you’re doing something wrong since it doesn’t set an alarm off.


I’m guessing spoilers set to “flight” can be deployed at any time during a flight (but not when overspeed). But you’re right, there is no warning for deploying flaps at high speeds.


Fair enough. Valid point. I suppose that would be an additional feature that would have to be added into IF. We already have aircraft overspeed tape. What’s to say that the same concept can’t be added when flaps or spoilers are deployed for a given airspeed.


One of my first flights on FSX, I pulled full spoilers on short final and my plane just gave up on flying…Lesson to learn, never use full spoilers in flight, it stops airflow from reaching the leading edge and this leads to stall


I think this feature would be chaotic on servers. This goes for many feature requests which is a shame IMO.
But could spoilers be fully deployed in-flight? And is it only part of the rapid descent memory items procedure or is it also part of the normal procedure in a steep approach?

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Isn’t this how much the spoilers deploy in the air?


It probably differs.


Of course it’s Ryanair…


Yep… I was about to say the same thing.


What wrong with Ryan Air slowing down? There just trying to have a smoother landing. Don’t act like other airlines doesn’t do the same :-)

I had a steep approach with southwest where the flight spoilers were used for most of descent.


I was on an Air Vanuatu 737 in decent to SYD and they used full spoilers in decent to SYD but not on landing lol


Is that a problem or a rookie error?

As I think about it…

The landing was quite good actually:)

This would ne useful for military aircraft, out of votes sadly

With the permission of dear @DeerCrusher, I’d like to bump this one up again.

At the moment, the way we can use our spoilers is way to restricted. We only have two settings of which only one can be used in-flight.

What we need are fully operateable spoilers. This would not only add some realism to the game, it would also allow us to use our beautiful fighters more efficiently.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important features that needs to be added in the field of the flight controls. Let’s get this some votes!


I think a “throttle-able” spoiler in flight would be ok. There’s IF planes that def need “more” spoilers in descent and other planes that aren’t as “slippery” as they maybe should be-so this is def a thread that could be pulled on a bit

FWIW-I know on the A320 IRL the autopilot has to be off to get full flight spoiler extension but on the 321 the AP can remain on for full extension.

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