Full screen mode for devices with on screen buttons

The On screen buttons are sometimes very annoying on Screenshot Or Videos .It would be Very cool if Infinite flight could be launched in Full screen mode (In Full screen mode the black bar on the right would be invisible)

This is already on iOS. Looks like we got something before android (for once)


Am using android and it’s full screen

Try cropping. Your android device most likely has that editing option in the app you use to view your photos and screenshots.

What device and version of Android? Are you sure any apps hide those buttons?

I’m using a Cubot x11 (Android 4.4.2 ) 5.5 inch screen ( With on screen buttons 5 inch) (Maybe Infinite flight does not support 5.5inch ) (The on screen buttons are taking c.a 0.5 inch ) and other apps like the rortos games are running in full screen mode