[FULL] Orlando Fly-Out! @KMCO - 151800ZDEC18


Sorry, something came up, I can’t come. :(


Ill take gate 12


Ok sounds good!


8 Days until the event!
Let’s try to fill up Terminal A!


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, please take me off the list so others can take my gate


Oh, okay. I will remove you from the list.


There is ONE gate left!!!


Hello I have a quick question, it says that I am flying a A321 but flights from MCO to ORH only operate A320’s and E190’s I was going to fly a E190 so If you could please make a change that would be great. I can’t wait for this event! It sound like fun!


Ok, I will switch your aircraft to an E190. See you there!


Thank you! See you there!


One week until the event! Don’t forget, it is at 1:00PM EDT


I’ll take gate 8 southwest to MDW


Ok, that means the event is full!!!


What time will it for me. I live in austria


For you it will be 7:00 PM.


Hey you have to fix your hidden text :)


Hello, is it possible I could change my flight to KPVD one of my home airports instead of Flying to KORH, Also can I fly a Southwest 737 800 Heart Livery? FYI Is am completely fine flying to KORH instead.


No problem! I will switch you right now.


Thank you so much you are the Best!


What time will it be if I live I Providence?