[FULL] Orlando Fly-Out! @KMCO - 151800ZDEC18


Server: Training

Airport: KMCO

Time: December 15, 2018 6:00 PM

NOTAM: Kind of small event; Terminal A ONLY

Gate 1- Jetblue A321 - KMCO to TJSJ @AviationJack
Gate 3- Jetblue A320 - KMCO to KEWR @Infinite_flight_HD
Gate 4- Southwest B738 (Heart Livery) - KMCO to KPVD @Cargo
Gate 5- Southwest B737 (Desert Gold livery) - KMCO to KEWR @TheTyGuy426
Gate 6- JetBlue E190 - KMCO to KFLL @Chase_Smith1
Gate 7- American B738 - KMCO to KMIA @ithau
Gate 8- Southwest B737 (Shamu Livery) - KMCO to KMDW @Jack_H
Gate 9- Thomas Cook A330 [Generic] - KMCO to EGCC @Rishon_R
Gate 10- American CRJ900 to KCLT @Darkeyes
Gate 11- Delta B738 to KATL @TY_PLAY
Gate 12- Southwest B738 to KATL @JacksonAviation


I’d like gate 28 please, delta to SLC!


I’ll take gate 14 to KCLT

Making a flyout

Most of there routes for JetBlue do not exist…


I’ll take Gate 5 from KMCO-KORH on a JetBlue E190


what airline ?


I have signed all of you up!


What about my event which is on the same day an hour after this one.


No SWA routes 😬


I’ll take gate 10 please


@JeromeJ, Southwest flies out of Terminal B, not A.


LESS THAN 2 WEEKS UNTIL THE EVENT! I would like to get as many people signed up as possible.


I’l take gate 3 please


Ok I have added you to the event!


Hi. I’ll take gate 2 (JetBlue E190 KMCO-KFLL). See you then!


Hope to see you there!


I am going to add some Southwest Airlines gates if that is ok.


Hi. I’ve tried to spawn into my gate, and in infinite Flight there is no gate 2 in terminal A.

Can you see if you can move my gate? Thx.


Yeah, sure!


Can I have any JetBlue gate to TJSJ pls