Full Offline Download Option for Global

I would like to see an option for people with high capacity devices e.g. iPad with 512GB to download the entire world map to avoid big data usage or just for regular offline usage, instead of JUST regions. Of course if you don’t have enough storage or know you’ll only be flying in a certain area you can download only that. Plus, since there were already talks about the ability to donload “regions” I don’t think there’s a problem with integrating this feature together with it.

To be fair I have a feeling it’s more than 500gb
Also I’m sure having everything loaded in at once would cause horrible lag. In a flightcast episode LaUra mentioned downloading specific areas for offline usage but not the entire map.


Horrible idea imo, they said that you could already pre download regions so that should certainly be enough

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But if they give us the option to download specific countries then this is a great idea


Doubt it as p3d or x-plane isn’t that much. A word from Laura or any of the devs on the size would help

@Brecht So you posted a feature request but haven’t voted for it? Just wondering when that vote is coming bud.

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Oh crap, that could be true but I dont think so. My X-Plane 11 file is under 100GB BUT there might be some behind-the-scenes work I don’t know about like compressing or idk. And you probably wouldn’t load the entire terrain at once and probably just be loading the area you’re in from the storage.

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Only IPad users. (Face Palm) Who owns a 512GB IPad anyway?😂


It’s not a horrible idea, just an idea that’s likely not realistic.

Hahaha true, you could help tho

I think they said the whole globe is 16gb of storage. So, I support this idea!


I don’t personally, but who knows what the future holds.

Unfortunately my fellow IFC acquaintance, I’m not in support of this and I’m certain that the DEVs will provide an accommodating package to IF users once Global is released.

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The iPhone has a 256GB option too.

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Who needs all that space when you can Cloud Save everything these days.


People with trust issues and bad internet like me…


I understand the internet part, but what exactly do you mean by trust issues?

I understand 256GB, but 512GB is like saying a PS4 with 6TB.6TB on a Game System is everyone dream

He doesn’t trust his internet

I’m sure they will but it would still be good to get this idea out there as an additional option to what they will offer. This can only help the players, really. (I look like a politician trying to get people to vote)