Full Nose Gear vs Half Nose Gear


Title may seem weird, but couldn’t think of anything else. I was wondering wether turning your rudder and having your nose gear turn completely to one side was better for braking (if you start drifting😬), or put it slightly in one direction, so it doesn’t start just helping it roll by providing less resistance. I have some screenshots attached

Vs. (For stopping drifting)


Drifting is very dangerous and completely not recommended in real world aviation. If you begin to drift then you are doing something totally wrong, be it landing too fast or not correctly crabbing, or not straightening up enough after the crab.

If you have this issue regularly I suggest taking the time to lesrn how to control your aircraft correctly, as you wont be given an answer for “how to stop drifting” on this community.

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It’s just when I’m in solo and I’m like Seong how fast I can land with stopping, and sometimes that ends in a drift, and just want to know how to stop it

Landing slower will definitely reduce your chances of drifting.

If you really want to, and it’s not best practice to, test your limits then try KEDW runway 17/35. I believe it’s the longest, if not one of the longest, runways in infinite flight. Only try on solo though to save violations or annoying other users.

Yes, but this is theoretical, this is not a post how to control a CRJ, but a post about which stops faster😉

If youre testing to see how fast you can land and then stop, then test his method instead of bringing a completely irrelevant question onto the community.


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