Full names no longer required

Small update to the forum policy: full name are not required anymore when signing in. Existing user’s full name won’t be displayed by default, only your username.

We feel this is the right thing to do since we value your privacy.

As usual, feel free to let us know if you see things we can improve. Those rules are not set in stone and might change in the future to adapt to our community needs.


mmmh. this is why my “name” (status at this forum and IF) was removed and other users also :)
thank you for explain that!

How do you change the default so that my name appears Philippe? I’ve had a look at the preferences but nothings jumping out at me.

check your settings at “user name”
but not apperas on forum posts.

I agree - this is a good idea, but is there some way of enabling it back?

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I’m not seeing the option I’m afraid.

Any specific reason for the removal Philippe?

Mostly privacy issues and to not deter ppl from signing in when they see they have to enter full name (you can enter what you want but it still adds more useless fields to fill out).

Update: I realized there was a different setting to display the full name in each post. So we do display your full name if you specified it but specifying a full name is not required (you can go to your profile and leave that field blank now).


@Rock77 :)

Has this been reverted again? I see names

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Judging from Philippe’s post, if the user specified in their settings to enable this, full name will be displayed; otherwise, it won’t.