Full motion flight sims in NYC

Do you guys know if there are any flight simulators in New York are open to the public?

I don’t live in NYC or the east coast but I’m sure with the amount of places in NYC there has to be one. There’s one just south of LA. Makes me believe there has to be one in NYC.

Based on a cursory google search, it seems like Manhattan Flying Club might be the place to look. I’ve linked their website below.

For the record, I found their page (and a few others) by copy-and-pasting your title into google. While this is a flight sim forum (and we’d love to hear about your experience if you do go to one of these sim locations), in the future it might be more efficient for you to take a moment to think about whether your question can be found easily with a quick web search. It’ll find you an answer more quickly and reduce forum clutter.



Yeah I looked it up and was unsure so I came to Ask you guys

Ok so I did this once. It is not full motion, and is not in NYC, but it is nearby (3 -4 hour drive/train ride/50 minute flight).
You sit in the left seat, and can do whatever you want. Every button works, physics are realistic, great experience! I’ve been looking for sims as well so I’m excited to see others answers!
Hope you find a place!

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