Full moon disappearing above horizon

Hey, I was trying to do some screenshots earlier and noticed that the full moon disappears and/or fades away above the horizon. I notice this mainly during moonset, however, I have also caught it a few times during moon rise. The light will be there, but the moon is missing. I’m not sure if this is a bug or an issue on my end, but I thought I’d report it anyway.



In the picture above, the light is from the moon. However, there is no moon.

In the gifs I offered above, keep an eye on the moon while I’m using the time slider.

iPhone 8 & iPad 8
full graphics on both
adequate storage on both

It’s not a serious issue, as I’ve only noticed it for a full moon, but it does mean you have to fiddle with the time a bit more in moonshots.

NOTE: This seems to appear worse on replay mode versus an actual session.

Can you post the GIFs as videos instead? I can’t really see how the moon is disappearing with the resolution.

The second gif looks clearer. Looks pretty strange!

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