Full map view in replay mode

How do I make it so that I can see the entire map without the ATC log?

You can’t do this, you already have a large map, but the ATC is included. If you wanted you can always if a screenshot, trim/crop the image 👍

You can when in replay mode. Just hit the globe icon (next to the screenshot icon), and keep tapping on it until the ATC is gone.

It doesn’t work for me. Like I press it and it won’t leave.

That’s strange. Can you try pressing and holding to see if a little menu pops up above the button?

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I don’t understand

You know how when you’re flying, you can tap and hold the camera button to select your view? It’s the same principle with the globe, except there’s three options.

So what do I do? I go into replay mode and I hold the camera button?

When you go into replay mode, look for the globe button. It should be between the screenshot button and the camera button. Then, tap that globe button until the ATC disappears (it should take 2 taps).

Default view:

After tapping the globe twice:

He wants only the map, with the ATC camera “off”. That’s currently not possible.

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Now I’m confused. What do you mean by ATC camera?

Edit: Nevermind, just got it. Trio is correct, this is not possible right now.

I want to see the whole map but without the ATC log.

That’s not possible currently.


@Trio @TaipeiGuru And after all this commotion you could have gone to the 1st post on this topic which explains all of this in one simple sentence.

This is called a conversation, I was simply helping stop the confusion. If you believe it’s off topic feel free to flag my post or PM me. :)


Trust me, unless it’s something seriously bad, I never flag because I know the frustration of your post that you put thought and effort into gets destroyed by the touch of a button. Ok let’s try to keep this back on topic, there’s no point starting a PM that will end in seconds, and no point to keep on this off topic discussion. Let’s just like if you agree.

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