Full List of missing liveries of passenger carriers (I dont know why it's closed)

Hello community! All the time i flying in IF, i was a little upset, due to lack of liveries. I mean, the variety of liveries is great, but we missing a lot of liveries. So i decided to make this FULL list of missing liveries (only passenger carriers yet, later i will make cargo and retro lists)

Note1: i know, that some modifications (like A340-300, or B737-500) are not in-game, but they are almost same as that are in-game

Note2: Some aircrafts in IF have liveries, that they haven’t IRL

Note3: Some Chinese carriers were not included, but it will with next update of this thread

Note4: One guy @Casa have tried to do topic like that, but now it is closed (Overview list of missing Airline liveries in Infinite Flight)

Note5: This is not a Feature request, it’s just an information post (but i will be glad if this list is helpful for devs)

Reply in the comments, what i have missed, with registration number of the aircraft
Accurate at 0700Z

Adria - A319 (Regular), CRJ-900 (Regular, Star Alliance S5-AAV)

Aegean Airlines - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular, Star Alliance SX-DVQ), A321 (Regular)

Aer Lingus - A320 (Irish Rugby Team EI-DEI, Retro EI-DVM), A330 (Regular, New EI-EDY), B757 (Regular)

Aeroflot - A320 (SKYTEAM VP-BDK, Retro VP-BNT, CSKA VP-BWD, PBC CSKA VP-BWE), A321 (Regular, Manchester United VP-BTL), A330 (SKYTEAM VP-BCQ), B737-800 (SKYTEAM VP-BMB), B777-300ER (SKYTEAM VP-BQG)

Aeromexico - B787-8 (Quetzalcoatl XA-ADL)

Aeromexico Connect - E170 (SKYTEAM XA-ACV)

Afriqiyah Airways - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Air Algerie - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B767 (Regular)

Air Astana - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), B757 (Regular), B767 (Regular), E190 (Regular, Snow Leopard P4-KHA)

Air Baltic - B737-700 (Regular)

Air Canada - A319 (Retro C-FZUH), A320 (Star Alliance C-FDRH), A321 (Star Alliance C-GITU), A330 (Star Alliance C-GHLM)

Air Canada Rouge - A321 (Regular)

Air China - A321 (Regular, Star Alliance B-6383), A330 (Regular, Zihin Hao B-6075, Star Alliance B-6076)

Air Corsica - A320 (Regular)

Air Dolomiti - E195 (Regular)

Air Europa - E195 (New livery), A330 (New livery, SKYTEAM EC-LQP), B737-800 (New livery, SKYTEAM EC-LPQ)

Air France - A321 (SKYTEAM F-GTAE) , A340 (Regular)

Air Italy - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B767 (Regular)

Air Malta - A320 (Regular, Retro 9H-AEI, Valletta 9H-AEO)

Air Moldova - A320 (Regular), E190 (Regular)

Air New Zealand - A320 (Star Alliance ZK-OJH, All Blacks ZK-OAB), A321 (Regular, All Blacks ZK-NNA)

Air Seoul - A321 (Regular)

Air Transat - A321 (Regular, Alternate C-GEZJ), A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

AirAsia - A320 (Allstars 9M-AFD, Queens Park Rangers 9M-AFV, AirAsia Mobile App 9M-AFW, GE 9M-AQB, We Are All Champions 9M-AQF, Xandra 9M-AQM)

AirSERBIA - A319 (Regular), A330 (Regular), B737-700 (Regular)

Alaska Airlines - A321 (Regular, San Francisco Giants N924VA, More To Love N927VA), B737-700 (Regular, Portland Timber N607AS), B737-800 (Alternate N536AS), B737-900 (Disneyland N318AS)

Alitalia - A320 (Regular, Jeep Renegade EI-DSW), A330 (Regular, SKYTEAM EI-DIR), B777-200ER (SKYTEAM EI-DDH)

ANA - B737-800 (Regular, Star Alliance JA51N), B777-200ER (Star Alliance JA711A, Star Wars JA743A), B777-300ER (Regular, Star Alliance JA731A, Star Wars JA789A), B787-10 (Star Wars JA873A, Star Alliance JA899A)

Allegiant Air - A320 (Visit Florida N228NV)

Alrosa - B737-700 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

American Airlines - B737-800 (oneworld N837NN, Reno Air Heritage N916NN, AirCal N917NN), A319 (Regular, Piedmont Heritage N744P, America West Heritage N838AW), A321 (US Airways Heritage N578UW, Stand Up To Cancer N116AN), B777-200ER (Latest livery, latest oneworld N791AN)

Arkia Israeli Airlines - A321 (Regular), B767 (Regular)

Asiana Airlines - A321 (Star Alliance HL8071), A330 (Regular), B767 (Regular, Star Alliance HL7516)

ASL Airlines - A330 (Regular), B737-700 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B757 (Regular)

Aurora - A319 (Regular)

Austrian Airlines - A320 (Regular, Retro OE-LBP, Star Alliance OE-LBX), B777-200ER (Regular), E195 (Regular, Star Alliance OE-LWH)

Avianca - A319 (Regular, Star Alliance N519AV), A320 (Regular, Star Alliance N454AV, Gracias N724AV), A330 (Regular, Star Alliance N280AV)

Azerbaijan Airlines - A320 (Regular), A340 (Regular), B757 (Regular), B767 (Regular)

Azul Brazilian Airlines - A320 (Regular, Pink Ribbon PR-YRS), A330 (Regular, Tudo Azul PR-AIT, Azul viagens PR-AIU, Brazil Flag Live PR-AIV), E195 (Sky PR-AUQ, Azul viagens PR-AYY)

Azur Air - B737-800 (Regular, anex tour VP-BIR), B737-900 (Regular), B757 (Regular), B767 (Regular, anex tour VP-BXW), B777-300ER (Regular VQ-BZY)

Batik Air - A320 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B737-900 (Regular)

Belavia - B737-700 (Regular, World Of Tanks EW-254PA), B737-800 (Regular), E190 (Regular, #tankolet EW-400PO)

Bhutan Airlines - A319 (Regular)

Biman Bangladesh Airlines - B737-800 (Regular), B777-300ER (Regular), B787-8 (Regular)

British Airways - B747-4 (oneworld G-CIVC), B777-200ER (GREAT Festival of Creativity G-YMML)

Brussels Airlines - A319 (Star Alliance OO-SSC), A320 (Regular, Red Devils OO-SNA, Tintin comics OO-SNB, Magritte OO-SNC, The Smurfs OO-SND, Tomorrowland OO-SNF)

Bulgaria Air - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), E190 (Regular)

Cathay Dragon - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Cathay Pacific - A330 (oneworld B-HLU), B777-300ER (Spirit of Hong Kong B-HNK)

Cebu Pacific - A330 (Regular)

Chengdu Airlines - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular)

China Airlines - A330 (SKYTEAM B-18311), B737-800 (Regular, Alternate B-18657), B747-400 (SKYTEAM B-18211)

China Southern - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular, SKYTEAM B-1696, B-6255), A321 (Regular, SKYTEAM B-6553), А330 (Regular, SKYTEAM B-6528), A380 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular, SKYTEAM B-5469), B777-300ER (Regular, SKYTEAM B-2049), B787-9 (B-1168)

China West Air - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular, Alternate B-9949)

Citilink - A320 (Regular, tiket PK-GLZ, 50th A320 PK-GTF)

Comair (South Africa) - B737-800 (Regular)

Condor - A320 (Regular, Retro D-AICA), A321 (Regular, I ❤️ Sentido D-ATCD), B757 (Regular, Wir lieben fliegen D-ABON), B767 (Regular, Retro D-ABUM)

Copa Airlines - B737-800 (MLB HP-1533CMP, Star Alliance HP-1728CMP), E190 (Regular)

Corendon Airlines - B737-800 (Regular, detur TC-TJJ)

Croatia Airlines - A320 (Regular)

Cyprus Airways - A319 (Regular)

Czech Airlines - A319 (Regular, Prague OK-NEP, SKYTEAM OK-PET), A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

Delta - B737-800 (SKYTEAM N3755D), B757 (SKYTEAM N717TW), B767 (SKYTEAM N844MH, BCRF N845MH)

Druk Air - A319 (Regular)

Eastar Jet - B737-800 (Regular)

easyJet - A319 (Unicef G-EZIO), A320 (Europcar G-EZPD), A321 (Regular)

Edelweiss Air - A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular), A340 (Regular)

EgyptAir - A321 (Regular), A330 (Star Alliance SU-GCK), B737-800 (Regular, Star Alliance SU-GCS, Egyptian National Football Team SU-GEN

El Al - B737-800 (4X-EKO), B737-900 (Regular), B747-400 (Regular), B777-200ER (Regular), B787-9 (Retro 4X-EDF)

Emirates - A380 (Animals A6-EEQ, Year of Zayed 2018 A6-EEU, Expo 2020 A6-EEW, Expo 2020 A6-EEY, Expo 2020 A6-EOC), B777-300ER (Expo 2020 A6-ECC, Expo 2020 A6-ECD, Year of Zayed 2018 A6-ECE)

Ethiopian Airlines - B737-800 (Regular), B767 (Retro ET-ALO)

Etihad Airways - A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular, Manchester City FC A6-EYE, Visit Abu-Dhabi 2017 A6-AFA), A380 (Year of Zayed 2018 A6-APH), B787-9 (Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix 2018 A6-BLV)

Eurowings - A320 (Regular, Europa Park D-ABDQ, Borussia Dortmund D-AIZR, Hertz D-ABDU, D-AEWM), A330 (Regular)

EVA Air - A321 (Star Alliance B-16206, Hello Kitty B-16027), A330 (Regular, Hello Kitty B-16332), B777-300ER (Regular, Star Alliance B-16715, Hello Kitty B-16703)

Fiji Airways - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

Finnair - A319 (Regular, oneworld OH-LVD), A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular, Marimekko Unikko OH-LTO), E190 (Regular, oneworld OH-LKN)

Fly Baghdad - B737-700 (Regular)

Fly One - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular)

FlyBe - E195 (Welcome to Yorkshire G-FBEJ)

flynas - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), B747-400 (Regular)

French Bee - A330 (Regular)

Garuda Indonesia - A330 (Regular, SKYTEAM PK-GPF, Retro PK-GHD), B737-800 (Retro PK-GFM), B777-300ER (SKYTEAM PK-GII)

Germania - A319 (Regular), A321 (Regular), B737-700 (Regular, 30th anniversary D-ABER)

GOL - B737-800 (Alternate PR-GTM, National Football Team PR-GUK)

Gulf Air - A330 (Regular, Bahrain Grand Prix A9C-KB), B787-9 (New Regular)

Hainan Airlines - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular, Alternate B-6066), B787-9 (Regular, Panda Po B-1343, Pandas B-6998)

Hawaiian Airlines - A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Helvetic Airlines - E190 (Regular)

HOP! - E190 (Regular)

Iberia - A319 (Regular, oneworld EC-KHM), A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular), A340 (Regular)

Icelandair - B757 (80 years of aviation TF-FIR, Aurora Borelias TF-FIU, Captain’s choice TF-FIW, 100 years Fullveldi Islands TF-ISX), B767 (Regular)

Interjet - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular)

IranAir - A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Jambojet - DH8D (Regular)

Japan Airlines - B767 (Regular, oneworld JA8980), B777-200ER (Samurai Blue 2018 JA8979), B777-300ER (oneworld JA732J)

Jazeera Airways - A320 (Regular)

Jet Time - B737-700 (Regular)

Jet2 - B737-800 (Jet2Holidays G-JZBP), B757 (Regular, Jet2Holidays G-LSAE)

JetBlue Airways - A320 (NYPD N531JL, I love NY N586JB, Boston Celtics N595JB, Inspiring Humanity N598JB, JetBlue vacations N603JB, Boston Red Sox N605JB, NYC Fire Department N615JB, Brooklyn Nets N633JB, Fly-Fi N709JB, NY Jets N746JB, New York International N763JB, Vets in Blue N775JB, Bluericua N779JB, Good N809JB), E190 (Blueprint N304JB)

JetSMART - A320 (Regular)

JetStar - A320 (#jetstargeneration VH-VGF), A321 (Regular)

JOON - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Juneyao Airlines - A320 (Regular, B-6717), A321 (Regular, B-1808), B787-9 (Regular)

Kenya Airways - B737-800 (Regular)

KLM - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (SKYTEAM PH-BXO), B777-300ER (SKYTEAM PH-BVD)

Korean Air - A330 (SKYTEAM HL8212), B737-800 (SKYTEAM HL7568), B777-200ER (SKYTEAM HL7783)

Laudamotion - A320 (Old livery, Regular), A321(Old livery). Credit to @Jakub_Astary

LEVEL - A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Lion Air - B737-900 (Regular, 50th

LOT - B787-8 (Poland Flag SP-LSC), E170 (Star Alliance SP-LDK, Retro SP-LII)

Lufthansa - A320 (2018 Livery, Star Alliance D-AIPC), A321 (2018 Livery, Star Alliance D-AIRW, Retro D-AIDV), A330 (2018 Livery D-AIKE) A340 (2018 Livery D-AIHI) A380 (2018 Livery D-AIMD), B747-800 (Retro D-ABYT)

Mahan Air - A340 (Regular)

Malaysia Airlines - A330 (Malaysia Negaraku 9M-MTX, oneworld 9M-MTO)

Mauritania Airlines - B737-700 (Regular)

MEA - A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

MIAT - B737-800 (Regular)

Montenegro Airlines - E195 (Regular)

Neos - B737-800 (Regular), B787 (Regular)

Nok Air - B737-800 (HS-DBP)

NokScoot - B777-200ER (Regular)

Nordavia - B737-700 (Regular)

Nordwind Airlines - B737-800 (Regular), B777-300ER (Regular)

Nordstar - B737-800 (Regular, Laikolet VQ-BDN)

Norwegian - B737-800 (unicef LN-BKC), B787-9 (unicef LN-LNT)

Nouvelair - A320 (Regular)

Okay Airways - B737-900 (Regular)

Oman Air - B737-800 (Regular)

Onur Air - A321 (Regular)

Pakistan International Airlines - A320 (Regular, Retro AP-BLA)

Pegas Fly - B737-800 (Regular VQ-BUV)

Pegasus - A320 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular, TC-CPN)

pobeda - B737-800 (Regular)

Qantas - A330 (Update main livery, oneworld VH-EBV), A380 (Update main livery), B737-800 (Retro VH-VXQ, Mendoowoorrji VH-XZJ, Retro VH-XZP), B747-400 (oneworld VH-OEF), B787-9 (Update main livery, Yam Dreaming VH-ZND)

Qantas Link - Dash Q400 (Regular)

Qatar Airways - A320 (Regular, oneworld A7-AHL), A330 (Regular), B747 (Regular), B777-300ER (FIFA World Cup 2022 A7-BAX)

Qingdao Airlines - A320 (Regular)

Red Wings - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular)

Rossiya - A319 (Regular, Zenit VQ-BAS, Hockey VQ-BCP), A320 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B747-400 (Regular, Caring for Tigers together EI-XLD), B777-300ER (Regular, Far Eastern Leopard EI-UNP)

Royal Brunei - A320 (Regular), B787-8 (Regular)

Royal Flight - B757 (Regular), B767 (Regular)

Royal Jordanian - A319 (Regular, oneworld JY-AYP), A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), E190 (Regular)

Ruili Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

RusLine - CRJ200 (Regular)

Ryanair - B737-800 (Boeing livery EI-DCL)

S7 - A319 (oneworld VP-BTN), A320 (New livery), A321 (New livery), B737-800 (New livery, oneworld VQ-BKW), E170 (New livery)

SalamAir - A320 (Regular)

SAS - B737-800 (Star Alliance LN-RRL)

Saudi Arabian - A320 (Regular, SKYTEAM HZ-ASF), A330 (Regular, Saudi National Day HZ-AQE, SKYTEAM HZ-AQL), B747-400 (Regular), B777-300ER (Regular, Watan Al Majed HZ-AK28, Diriyah E-Prix HZ-AK43)

SaudiGulf - A320 (Regular)

Scoot - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular)

Serene Air - B737-800 (Regular)

Severstal Aircompany - CRJ200 (Regular)

Shandong Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

Shanghai Airlines - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

Shenzhen Airlines - A320 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

Sichuan Airlines - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular, B-6388, B-6719), A321 (Regular, B-1663), A330 (Regular, Wulingyae B-5923)

SilkAir - A320 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

Singapore Airlines - A330 (Regular), B777-300ER (Star Alliance 9V-SWI)

Sky Airline - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular)

Skymark Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

SmartLynx - A320 (Regular ES-SAM)

Solaseed Air - B737-800 (Regular)

Somon Air - B737-900 (Regular)

South African - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular), A340 (Star Alliance ZS-SNC), B747-400 (Regular) - Credit to @Owain_G

Southwest Airlines - B737-700 (Maryland One N214WN, Colorado One N230WN, Missouri One N280WN, Nevada One N727SW, New Mexico One N781WN, Tennessee One N922WN, Lone Star One N931WN, California One N943WN, Florida One N945WN, Louisiana One N946WN, Arizona One N955WN)

SpiceJet - B737-700 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular, VT-SLJ, VT-SLL)

Spirit - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular)

Spring Airlines - A320 (Regular)

SriLankan Airlines - A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Sun Country Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

SunExpress - B737-800 (Regular, PlayStation TC-SNN, Der Grinch D-ASXA, Eintracht Frankfurt D-ASXB, D-ASXO, D-ASXP)

Sunwing Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

Suparna Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

Surinam Airlines - B737-700 (PZ-TCS)

Swiss - A320 (Regular, Star Alliance HB-IJM)

Swoop - B737-800 (Regular)

T’Way Air - B737-800 (Regular)

TAAG Angola Airlines - B777-300ER (Regular)

Tajik Air - B757 (Regular), B767 (Regular)

TAP Express - E190 (Regular), E195 (Regular)

TAP Portugal - A320 (Regular, Star Alliance CS-TNP), A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular, Portugal Stopover CS-TOW, Retro CS-TOV)

Tarom - B737-700 (Regular, SKYTEAM YR-BGF, Retro YR-BGG), B737-800 (Regular)

Thai Airways - A330 (Regular, Star Alliance HS-TBD), B747-400 (Star Alliance HS-TGW), B777-300ER (Regular)

Thai Lion Air - A330 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B737-900 (Regular)

Thai Smile - A320 (Regular)

Thomas Cook Airlines - A320 (Regular), A321 (Cook’s Club G-TCDV), A330 (Regular), B757 (Update livery)

Tianjin Airlines - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular), E195 (Regular)

Tibet Airlines - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Tigerair - B737-800 (Regular)

Transavia - B737-700 (Regular), B737-800 (New Livery, Peter Pan Vacantieclub PH-HSI)

TUI fly - B737-800 (TUI Blue D-ATUD, TUI Magic Life D-ATUG, D-ATUH, Robinson D-ATUI, RIU Hotels & Resorts D-ATUZ, Family Life G-FDZG), B757 (Update livery G-OOBF)

Tunisair - A320 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Turkish Airlines - A319 (Regular, Star Alliance TC-JLU), A320 (Regular, Star Alliance TC-JPP), A321 (Star Alliance TC-JRA, Discover the Potentional TC-JRG, TC-JRO, Lego TC-JSU, The Year of Troy TC-JTP), A330 (Regular, Invest in Turkey TC-JIZ, Retro TC-JNC, Star Alliance TC-LNB, The Year of Troy TC-JOG), B737-800 (Regular, Star Alliance TC-JHE)

Turkmenistan Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

Ukrainian International Airlines - B737-800 (Regular), B767 (Regular), B777-200ER (Regular), E190 (Regular)

UNI Air - A321 (Regular)

United Airlines - A319 (Regular), A320 (Retro N475UA), B737-800 (Star Alliance N26210), B737-900 (N66837, Eco-Skies N75432, Retro N75435), B767 (Star Alliance N653UA), B777-200ER (Star Alliance N218UA), CRJ200 (N913SW). Credit to @DiamondGaming4

Ural Airlines - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular)

Urumqi Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

US-Bangla Airlines - B737-800 (Regular)

UTair - B737-800 (Regular VQ-BJJ, New VQ-BDH), B767 (Regular)

UVT Aero - CRJ200 (Regular)

Uzbekistan Airways - A320 (Regular), B767 (Regular), B787-8 (Regular)

Vanilla Air - A320 (Regular)

Vietnam Airlines - A321 (SKYTEAM VN-A327), A330 (Regular)

Virgin Atlantic - A330 (Regular), A340 (a big virgin atlantic thank you G-VNAP), B747-400 (Regular)

Virgin Australia - A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular), B737-700 (Regular), E190 (Regular)

Vistara - A320 (Regular)

Viva Air - A320 (Regular)

VivaAerobus - A320 (Regular)

Volaris - A320 (Regular, XA-VOY), A321 (Regular)

Vueling - A319 (Regular), A320 (EC-MLE, EC-MNZ, EC-MOG, EC-MYC, EC-NAJ), A321 (Regular)

Wamos Air - A330 (Regular, EC-MTU), B747-400 (Regular)

WestJet - B737-800 (C-GWSV, C-GWSZ), B767 (Regular), B787-9 (Regular C-GUDN)

White - A319 (Regular), A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular), B777-200LR (Regular)

Wideroe - E190 (Regular)

Wizz Air - A320 (HA-LPN), A321 (HA-LTD)

WOW air - A321 (Regular), A330 (Regular)

Xiamen Airlines - B737-800 (Regular, SKYTEAM B-5159), B787-9 (B-1356)

XL Airways - A330 (Regular)

Yakutia - B737-700 (Regular), B737-800 (Regular)

Yamal Airlines - A320 (Regular), A321 (Regular), CRJ200 (Regular)

Yemenia - A320 (Regular)

Zagros Airlines - A319 (Regular)


Air Transat’ A330 added 0904Z 20190122

Jetstar, VA added 1049Z 20190122

Qantas added 1416Z 20190122

Multiple fixes and liveries added 2205Z 20190122


You are missing the Air Transat A330


Thank you!

Wow, that must have been a lot of effort! The following liveries are also missing:

Virgin Australia 737-700
Virgin Australia Embraer E190
Virgin Australia A320
Jetstar A321
Tigerair A320
Qantas A380 (New livery)
Qantas 787-9 (New livery)
Qantas A330 (New livery)



Don’t forget the Alaska 2016 livery on the Boeing 738.

Love the hard work put into this thread. :D

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I think he wrote Tigerair 737 as in the Tigerair Australia 737 since there is only one Tigerair airline with the 737 in their fleet.

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Forgot to see that
We also need to ad AirAsia X A330

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Wait, what “new livery” do you mean? Yam Dreaming in list, and i didnt found any reworks of main livery

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Jeepers that must have taken a while! Sure this will come in handy sometime!


New livery as in the latest 2017 livery. Like what is found on the B737-800 in Infinite Flight. It is different to the one found on the A380, B747-400, B767 etc. currently found in the sim.

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Such a great research. Well done!
Hope they’ll add some of them at least in the next update.

2016 Alaska already in 739, i think they will not add this anyway

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Thank you!

If they added a white Alaska livery for both the B738 and B739, they will most likely add the 2016 Alaska livery for the B738 as well

We just don’t know when.

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@Tommi_Perhonen, here are some South African liveries you are missing

South African - A330-200 (Regular), A330-300 (Regular), A340-300 (Regular and Olympic), B747-400 (Regular)


Yeah @Tommi_Perhonen, that’s true. Three years ago I already worked on a list like this one. They closed it. But the list is still working and watchable: Airplane Livery List / Missing Aircraft Types - Google Sheets - Feel free to write me if you want to continue that list.

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Incredible work! I hope we will be able to make liveries in the future:) I know its difficult, but it would help alot

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For some reason, we can make them already. Some russian guys tried, but modded livery can only replace another livery :(

Don’t you mean A320?

If you’re doing old airlines too, US airways CRJ and a330

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