[Full] Let's Show Oshkosh Some LUV @ KOSH - 091700ZSEP17

(This event is not for a VA. Anyone can join!)

Server: Casual

Region: Oshosh

Airport: KOSH

Time: 1700Z - 1:00 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT, 5:00 PM GMT (I may be wrong on GMT, if I am please let me know!)

Southwest Airlines is known for it’s hospitality, amazing staff, and overall love. So why not show the underserved Oshkosh region some Southwest LUV? Come in any Southwest plane and callsign for a nice flight around the Oshkosh region. We will begin by taking off from KOSH’s runway 36. We will then turn NE, climb to 20,000 feet and then do a nice flight over the Wisconsin peninsula. We will then turn south, flying over Lake Michigan. Next up is a touch&go and KUES, descending over southern Lake Michigan and northern Milwaukee. After that, climb to 10,000 feet and do a nice flyover of the southwestern part of the region, enjoying the nice farmland views. We will then land at KOSH runway 36.

Speed below 10000 feet: 240 KTS
Cruise speed: 330 KTS
Final approach speed (10 or less NM away from airport): 160-120 KTS


HANGAR E02: Reserved for a friend
HANGAR E03: Fletcher_Jacobs
HANGAR E04: Arun_Kr_Patwari
HANGAR E05: CaptainBrady
HANGAR N01: Sam_Jacobs1
HANGAR N02: SouthwestFan
HANGAR N03: HollyLolly
HANGAR N04: Harry.airbus
HANGAR W01: @Meatball
HANGAR W02: @Airline_Lover
HANGAR W03: @Steven_Snyder
HANGAR W04: @springtrap1515
HANGAR W05: @Marelize_Maass
FBO SONEX: @Thefluffydog_Gaming
GA E01: @Aleks_Hancock
GA E02: @TheAmerican767
GA N01: Pocketflyer25
GA N02: Marshall_Hilfman


  • Please do not pushback/begin taxi until I do (callsign Southwest 1523) does at it gives time for screenshots.
  • The flight plan may have to be changed if the winds are strong from a different direction, so please copy it from me at the event.
  • Regarding takeoffs: Please wait until the plane before you is in the air and 3 NM away before beginning your takeoff roll. You can tell how far a plane is from you, all you need to do is look below their callsign.

Hope to see you there!


Count me in!, funny enough this will be my first ever event 😁. Callsign Southwest 737…yea can’t think of anything better atm lol


Count me in Southwest 715 heavy,Boeing 737-700 can I have a gate please


Can be southwest 1337 heart one 737 700


@SouthwestFan This is the event for you 😂😂

Count me in, il be Southwest 849 in a 737

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I’m in! Southwest 297, gimme a gate

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Oshkosh is the best Region

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Did anyone attend AirVenture in Oshkosh?? Maybe slightly off topic but I think it’s still relevant 😂

Count me in! I’m be Southwest 261 in 737-700

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Add me in. Sounds good

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Let’s do this. Can I have Hangar N03? I’m going with a HeartOne 737-700. Callsign will be Southwest 1960 (WN1960/SWA1960). Thanks a million.

I think this is a good idea to generate some LUV for Oshkosh.

I mean, look… I have never even downloaded the Region…

Unfortunately will be unavailable for the 9th of September, so I guess it will stay undownloaded.

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Count Me As Southwest 4956,Boeing 737-800,Can I Get HANGAR NO3

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I Can Be There In This Show

Please Make Me HANGAR NO3?

@hollylolly @harry.airbus @airline_Lover @CaptainObvious Sorry for the delay. The post has been updated with your gates!

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I’ll be there, save me a spot!

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Thanks For The Gate,I’ll Be There