Full Flight or Not?

I was just wondering, do people mostly do full flights or not? ( On Live )

  • Full Flight
  • Takeoff Only
  • Other, comment on what you do.

Can someone create a poll? Not sure how.

Full flight.

  • Full flight
  • Take off only
  • Other

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  • Full
  • Takeoff
  • Other (Please Comment)

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Posted at the same time!😂


Mine has a vote :P That may or may not have been me XD lol

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3 votes each 😂

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Definitely full flight. Takeoff only is like buying a pizza, getting it delivered, and not eating it. What a shame. What a shame.


30 to 22 votes

So you’re just gonna takeoff and then vanish? Think about the passengers!


I don’t like doing full distance flights currently with the small region setup. I do pattern work most often. Once global flight is released, I will most likely do more distance flights.

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I could live with the regions we have now, I’m not as ambitious. I just like patterns lel

I think the main reason I don’t enjoy trans-airport flights is because of the small space I’m restricted to. Can’t do a realistic flight in heavy aircraft. So in return, I try to stick to the most realistic thing I can do… patterns. Can’t go wrong with them. You stay in one place and region size doesn’t matter.

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He must fly for malasyia lol


I knew that this comment would come eventually…


Full flight. Landing is the best part. If I end up being short on time, I’ll divert to a closer airport.

Depends! About the half time I will do a full flight within a region, normally using a regional or narrow body. If I want to simulate a long haul I will take off and head towards the edge of the region before ending the flight then to “part two” in the region that I am arriving in by flying a full flight in that region ( sometimes might fly round the edge of the region first to get the long haul feel!!)

Full flight for me.

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