Full Flight on Casual Server

Hello IFC!
I was wondering if anyone does a full flight on Casual if your a higher grade. I never do because you could never get a serous environment.

I almost NEVER do flights on casual.

The only times I would, is if I am flying a fighter jet, or an event is held on Casual.

Also, sometimes for doing pattern work.


@Niccckk Me too.

The only reason I’m not at Grade 5 is my landing count in the past 90 days and I fly on casual most of the time.

I only use Expert for short 1-2 hour flights when ATC services are provided and where I’m present at my device during the whole flight. I really enjoy those flights and that’s when I love to use Expert.

Longhauls are always on Casual, Touch-And-Go always on Casual, IFR and visibility training only on Casual. I enjoy the freedom I have there. Plus, I feel uncomfortable leaving my device on Expert and risking a violation.

The only server I never use is Training Server. Training Server today is what a No-Rule Minecraft server used to be a couple years ago. Everybody just trolling around, ATC who’s either clueless or completely overwhelmed by the trolling pilots, … Casual however is calm and silent, except for airports like KLAX.


You have that right lol

I do flights on casual sparingly but trust me i’m completing whatever flight i start.

I pull up with an f22 in casual :)


I don’t usually do a full flight on the casual server but I tend to do some pattern work on casual.

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I just accidentally did one I relived I was in casual halfway through the flight. I just nose dived. I honestly did not care.

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nah, casual is just landing grinding server to me.


Training is terrible at EGLL, KLAX and so on but quieter airports are much better. Believe me trolls love casual as they can do any speed and fly up your APU like an annoying wasp using fighter jets, that’s so realistic at commercial airports isn’t it? (Not using real world language there😉)

EGLL, KLAX and probably KJFK are a mess in the training server i never land in those airports LOL

Currently yes as I’m grade 4 and almost at grade 5 so I don’t want stuff up but usually not.

I literally never go on casual, if I wanna doodle around in a fighter I’ll go on training and find a remote spot and do everything above 10k feet

Trainings bad enough as it is, forget going on casual xD

I use casual to test aircraft out and sometimes to vent my stress. I also use it to scout for potential pilots who will make it to expert and behave. I do this by circling a specific airport at 8,000 feet and look down.

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Casual is almost a veritable necessity for even mid range flights with wifi lag considerations and you have a need to stop continuous monitoring at the risk of getting airspeed or other violations before you can return

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