Full Flight Information in Note Format

Hi, thanks to @lollip for creating this fantastic in-depth article on how to fly properly in IF from parking to take off to landing.

You can read it here:

I have broken it down in 11 stages sort of, which I will use when flying. It’s nothing official, but simply something I created and wanted to share with others, to help the community. Feel free to use it and notify me of any mistakes made. I would love some feedback!

Thank you, Joe :)

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Thanks Joe, nice summary!

No worries :) You did a great job!

Nice summary. I think landing lights go on once on the runway, it would be taxi lights then?

Yes, I think as we have no taxi lights, we use landing lights as a replacement

The only thing I am not to sure on is how you flare at 30 ft AGL? :)