Full Cub Crafters XCub Review

G’day all, as most of you if not all of you know the Cub Crafters XCub was released, this is my full review of the XCub.


So takeoff in the XCub is difficult if you are used to fly the big boys. It is hard because you need to use the ruder more than you do in a jumbo jet, also adding to the difficulty is the fact that it’s a taildragger meaning that it’s rear wheel is the only way to turn the aircraft on the ground hence making it much harder. I found that if you deploy flaps to 46 it’s harder to control because of the added lift from the flaps which mean you can get into the air at 3 seconds depending on the wind. Which takes us to the next topic you can’t takeoff in winds of more than 11 knot crosswinds or it’s to dangerous.


Landing is a bit easier than taking off in the XCub but keep in mind that if you land with the AP on with VS you are going to end up with the aircraft crashing face first into the ground like in the picture below, also you won’t notice that your nose is pitching forward on the ground until it’s too late. Landing speed varies on the wind I found I was getting smooth landings with a ground speed of about 33 knots or so.


Taxing is a bit difficult if your not prepared for it, it’s difficult to taxi if you taxi to fast because it’s a taildragger because it’s got its main steering wheel at the rear of the aircraft I found taxing between 6 knots to 8 knots ground speed works the best. I recommend taxing slow so you don’t spin out and crash.


Even though your not on the ground you can open the right window and door so if your passenger decides to let on rip AKA Fart than you can air out the cabin while in the air. You can also turn off the glass displays during flight if you want to simulate a electronic failure or you can use the old school HUD. You can open up the cargo hold only when on the ground so your precious whoopee cushions of a cargo doesn’t go flying out the door. There is also two models of the XCub available to use one with a fully glass cockpit and one with a partially glass cockpit but mostly consisting of steam gages. Since there are two models available and it’s replacing the Decathlon they have to make it up to non pro users by allowing them to just use the two steam gaged XCubs, you can view the differences between the cockpits below.


So in conclusion the XCub is a great aircraft to fly, it’s very aerodynamic and is very fun, exciting, unpredictable and entertaining to fly for hours on end if you have enough fuel of course. If you have any problems flying the XCub I would recommend checking out all the guides to help you fly the XCub I have linked them all down below.

Thanks everyone for reading my review of the Cub Crafters XCub and I hope you enjoyed it, I will post my review of the A350-900 once it’s released.

XCub Takeoff Tutorial - By Tyler_Shelton
XCub Tips - By Jasonrosewell

All Images Are Mine, Please Do Not Use Without Permission.


Nice review! Definitely better than the one I did on my channel ;)
I was in a rush to get it out so it wasn’t so good…

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Thanks mate, what was yours like.

But I’m doing a review though mate and I promise that I did not copy the information I was just typing my experience with the XCub.


One could put it like that, but I’m just saying that this topic has all the information that other topics have, which means it doesn’t really have a purpose. You didn’t really waste those hours, you just learned how to fly a new plane.


Well, no one made you create the topic 🤷🏻‍♂️

But I kind of agree with both Nick and Matt. All of this information can be found in previous links and I’m sure there will be tutorials coming soon about the takeoffs and landings or anything else people may need to understand


Looks great! Glad to see you enjoying the cub :)

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Thanks mate I really appreciate it, I love it so much I’m flying it now.

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Taking Realism® to the next level here 😆

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I sure am mate.

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I really like the Cub. But I miss the vertical speed in the model with the big screen.

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So do I but it’s still there though it just harder to read

Can you tell me where it is?

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It is indicated as .5 being +500 and 1 being +1000 and so on

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Ahhh, got it. Thank you!

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Also remember not to taxi too fast as you have a chance of taking off 😂😂


I also found out that if you use the parking break for stopping the back wheel bounces up a little bit

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Wow; you really did mention whoopee cushions!

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@sebi-ue Your welcome mate, yes I did mention them.

I actually prefer the non-pro cockpit, I wish we had the option to choose without cancelling our subscriptions.