Full approach in 20.1

If I am correct, this is how you do a full approach in IF 20.1

When you are starting your approach

You look at your STAR, see the name, then when you around 10NM from VNAV getting active, you contact Vancouver Centre (Vancouver? Why not)
“Vancouver Centre, FLIGHT, is ## NM to the east at 36,000 feet, requesting FLINGEM STAR for rwn 26L at Vancouver”

After they say yes, when it is time, put in VNAV, decend, and follow the STAR, (this Is like Flight Following, You do you, but if ATC says something DO IT!!!)
Then around 17,000 feet or so, ATC Centre will Hand you off to approach, say your intentions, follow the things that they are saying, then it is just another landing

Is this correct? Just preparing for the 20.1


More like 17,000 feet


I will change that :)

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The infinite flight user guide should have info on how to do everything in 20.1 including approaches.

20.1 is out??


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Nope, not yet.

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Ohh I see I got a little bit confused 😂

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There will be more tutorials released with 20.1 that will help pilots better understand all the new features and what to expect and how to use them etc:)

You should be with center while flying through their airspace unless you are AFK, don’t just join their frequency 10nm before TOD, do it while in their sector.

There will be tutorials and documentation for you to read through upon release. I wouldn’t worry about trying to learn it right now without being able to physically go through the steps. 🙂