Full and Customised Callsigns for VAs

Well, I like it.

It’s a fun idea but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be implemented (at least, not in the near future). I’m all for it, but as of now, FDS probably wants to work on improving/making new aircraft accessible, and aren’t too concerned with peoples’ callsigns as long as they’re not blatantly offensive.

There will, of course, always be people who use “DLVAxxx” as their callsign who aren’t actually a part of it, but it’s not like it does the VA any harm. It’s not like they’re receiving “credit” for a flight, or are somehow altering the VA’s reputation. It’s just a callsign.

Something similar that a few people are pushing for within the app is colored badges for IFATC, just like Mods, Staff, etc. get on their username when they spawn at an airport. We see plenty of people who use the IFATC tag in their username, and those of us on the IFATC team all know whether or not someone is actually part of it, we also may or may not silently judge you on Slack, but it’s just something that’s going to happen. Happens to VA’s, IFATC, Devs, and literally anything that can be classified in a certain group. It’s unavoidable. Kind of like some jerks in the USA who wear military uniforms in public but are not/have never been part of the US Military. Stolen Valor. Nothing you can do about it but shake your head…

Anyway, like I said, I’m all for your idea. It would be neat to see VAs get their own callsigns, IFATC get a special badge, and other things in Infinite Flight get special recognition depending on what they are. But there’s a lot of other in-game developments that FDS should be focusing on before they worry about the little things like that.

I’d vote but I’m out :P

Good luck!


The point of having the DLVA callsign is to differentiate from the normal “Delta” callsign, and it works.


So the special callsigns, while it’s a fun idea, aren’t really needed.

Exactly, so to differentiate and make it more realistic they could use a Delta Virtual callsign if they decided to us that. VAs would be able to name their own callsign, so AeroSync could even have a “proper” callsign.

It literally makes it more realistic.

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This idea is so great it just might work!

very neat feature request!

Sounds great as then you dont have a limited number of letters you can use

I thought the point of Virtual Airlines was to model the real world Airlines? ( except the fictional ones of course ) Now you want there to be fake, Virtual callsigns for a VA? Come on people make up your mind… Realism or not? The reason not to use the already existing “Air Force” Callsign because the are trolls is just a terrible one. There is a real Callsign that almost every VA that is based off of a real world Airline can use. No need to implement another grading system that would put even more work on the IFVARB. Think about it this way. If after a while people keep trying to suggest ideas like this one to be added to the game and they get added, the IFVARB will need more members and soon enough there will be so much work that the IFVARB will be made up of more than half of the IFC! Seeing that Virtual Airlines are not backed by developers, I don’t see this happening. :) #mytwocents


Your two cents are awfully salty.

My “excuse” being terrible is offensive, seems my VA has been questioned many times about guys being intercepted in an unprofessional manner or harassed to the point that their flight has become so bad, they quit it to start another somewhere else.

VAs callsigns aren’t realistic, as they want to identify as their VA and not a randomer flying a virgin livery wearing an American callsign.

My idea doesn’t require anymore IFVARB members, but the current team to approve a pending callsign for a VA submitted by only a CEO.

What’s so hard to understand? Negative comments shouldn’t be aired when you haven’t actually understood the request, a PM would gave sufficed for me to explain your doubts.

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So hoping this will get carried out! Would be a great asset for VA’s not based off real world carriers and my vote will not be leaving this topic!

This would be very cool and further help validate if the person is actually part of the VA/VO, but would the portion I quoted be necessary? I think it would be easier and make more sense to just have the callsigns added to the airline list when they are approved by IFVARB.


I fully agree with this but I don’t have any votes.

Also another question about VAs, when I apply and the VA has levels and in the level only certain aircraft are unlocked. Does this mean I can’t fly any other aircraft (other than VA purposes) if I am a low level? (And the liveries also) can someone explain how this works?

Answered via PM.

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I’m going to vote for this. I think it’s a great idea to have proper callsigns for VA’s/VO’s rather than the the letters spelt out in the phonetic alphabet. I’m not sure they should be included in the general callsign list where anyone can have access to them as they could be abused but maybe something like the system Mods/ Staff have to create their own callsign. As for realism I think it more realistic to have " United Virtual ### as opposed to “Uniform Alfa Victor Alfa”