Full and Customised Callsigns for VAs

Customisation of Callsigns for Virtual Airlines & Organisations

The idea is easy, the concept simple. I propose VAs be given the right to have a limited number of personalised and private callsigns for it’s members flights.

But Why?

Well, most of our communities airlines operate using the general aviation callsigns to give themselves an identity and to help advertise their VA. Using Infinite Flight Air Force as an example, they use IFAF### for callsigns because the “Air Force” callsigns are used by many people far and wide to intercept aircraft and “troll” or harass airliners.

How Would it Work?

Access rights could be managed at the lowest level, either by trusted VA owners or their nominated subordinate. It would be a basic type and submit system to be approved by IFVARB moderators to ensure safety and security of the communities policies and standards.

So, for a virtual airline such as Delta VA, who utilise DLVA### at the moment. They could submit the use of “Delta Virtual Flight ##” which would be read verbatim by the system, as opposed to the current “Delta Victor Foxtrot ##”.

Would all VAs qualify?
No, a grading system would be introduced based on a variety of aspects meaning those more permanent airlines would qualify for the privilege.

Example Requirements:

  • Minimum Members
  • Concrete Infrastructure
  • Minimum active period.

But How would VAs administrate the use of callsigns?

Like having access to IFATC or Expert servers, you could add a simple permission to the account. So the CEOs can dictate who gets access to their callsigns either direct or through the IFVARB.

If you like the idea, please remember to vote!

I don’t think this will particularly work, especially due to the sheer number of VA’s that are founded, get all certified and get a callsigns but are only in operation for a couple of weeks and end up closing down shortly after, leaving lots of callsigns that won’t be used at all.

If you can think of a solution to that, then you have my vote.


Then there would be a probation period or requirements that need to be met? We could implement a grading system on VAs that are assessed by IFVARB, meaning only Grade 1 VAs qualify for the privilege, gradings being member number dependent and quality of the VAs infrastructure.

In my opinion this is against realism. I don’t think this is needed, neither I think it will ever happen…

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Its more realistic having airlines able to nominate and change callsigns, as in real life. As opposed to using random general aviation callsigns.

I suspect, if that’s your opinion then all of the fictional airlines go against your idea of realism.

Don’t get me wrong, I like VAs. They are a great way for ppl to get in contact with each other and to coordinate flights together.

But up to now only things existing in RWA make it into IF. I doubt VA callsigns would be too realistic there.


I think that the change might not work out for most vas as this would mean hiring more staff and or a management team.

To clarify, Delta Virtual uses DLVA for callsigns, not DVA.

I don’t see how this would require more staff.

Great point. There should be higher standards for VA’s that get their own callsigns, including being more transparent about the administrative functions and activity auditing on a consistent basis.


To assign that callsign and monitor the program being used also it would be a mess if anyone could have the ability to create one. This requires mods and such meaning more staff for va’s or IF

Well clearly it wouldn’t be implemented where everyone could create a VA callsign. IFVARB would have enough people to manage this, and would only require coordination with 1 staff member from each VA.

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The superiority is a bad thing though. As bigger airline va’s are being created, most people (not from the VA) will just use those not even knowing about the actual VA. So I am asking how would EVERYONE in the specific VA have the access of the “custom” callsign. As well as the VA CEO… How would that work for the CEO’s grading system. Also about fairness… Not everyone would agree with the specific movement if this took place because current VA’s now that wouldn’t qualify (actual airline VA’s) would oppose. What would you add? What would the standards be? I am not quite sure if this explains my questions

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Like having access to IFATC or Expert servers, you could add a simple permission to the account. So the CEOs can dictate who gets access to their callsigns.


I am glad you have an answer to each of our questions. I would take some of these questions and add this to your “feature”! All these questions and having great answers can really spark someones attention.

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Interesting idea if I’m honest.

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Apologies, I’ll correct although it’s just an example… albeit a bad one haha

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Thanks. I think it’d add a new dynamic and bring more people to the VA community!


You already have the abiity to put DLVA#### or whatever. Are you asking for a list of VAs at the bottom of the airline list? I am confused what is being asked.


Im asking for the ability for VAs to use full callsigns instead of general aviation. So instead of something like DLVA, we could instead hear “Delta Virtual” or if American VA use “AVA”, you could submit a request to hear “American Virtual Flight 67” etc.

It would only be available to members of that VA by a permission granted from the VA owner or IFVARB.

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Yes, that is exactly what we’re asking for.

Its not. I’m asking for a separate list entirely, associated to your VA(s) so you can utilise a realistic callsign.