Full and brighter PAPI, VASI, and OLS approach lights

Hi, today I’m requesting a few things. They are something called PAPI lights, VASI lights, and the OLS System. This diagram showed how the work
image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/33/Comparison_visual_landing_systems.svg/250px-Comparison_visual_landing_systems.svg.png
As there at almost every airport and are great for a visual approach, I feel this would go right along with live cockpits so that the HUD is no longer needed except in newer planes.

I have flagged the other topic

Uh, if I’m not out of my mind, aren’t these in game?


Yeah they are

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I don’t believe they are. If so they don’t work

Well, it’s a simplified 2 light PAPI, but has same functionality

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The OLS might be in game but not Papi

They do work i use them for every approach i don’t use APPR unless the airspace is busy so

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A 2 light papi has a few flaws, as it has only extreams

There’s not much of a difference they both guide pilots in

I just guess, where are they?

Yeah I mean I would think it’s a good idea but the 2 already are good enough and there are a lot more things that would be more usuario to be added. But good thought though 👍

Beside a runway?

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On the side of the runway


Here I just went and screenshotted one


Well if you want VASI and OLS they aren’t in the game and would be a cool addition, but i feel like the current 2 light PAPI is sufficient


Ok, I’ll look for them next approach. I’ll Just say I’m requesting full PAPI and the OLS/VASI as well

I never even noticed them, I’ll also request they be brighter

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In this case, great idea!

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Thanks, sorry all for my mistake. Do the work during the day?

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They’re always on;)

Hard to see though

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