Full airport. What now?

What is the correct procedure?

Hi! I was flying today at KASE and the airport was packed.

I wonder if anyone knows what the correct procedure is in this case, if someone lands and has to leave the runway ASAP but there’s no space, where are you supposed to “park” in the meantime? Before crossing the hold-short line? Also in the topic, when do you contact ground after landing? Before or after crossing the hold-short line?

I also want to give a huge shout out to Julius and Prashant Divedi who were controlling ATIS, Ground, Tower, Approach and Departure at KOSE today. Prashant had so much traffic, after approaching, you were transferred to a circling and descending pattern in the vicinity of the airport of 3-5 planes, before lining us up and transferring to tower one by one. Reminded me of what happens in Heathrow in real life. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in a flying game before so THANK YOU. (And let me know where you’ll be again because that was awesome!)


I think the plane that Land has the right to exit the runway…
So that means that in this case one of the aircraft in front of you have to give you the right for you to exit completely the runway

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I recommend moving to the Hold short line at the very end of the runway. That way there will be more space for aircraft to taxi.

Regarding the aircraft landing, they can back-taxi and go off the runway at taxiway A1.

KASE chart


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I would leave the runway at all costs. If you get ghosted then PM the controller.

if it’s that busy that traffic landing can’t exit the runway, i believe approach would start putting people in holding patterns to clear up the ground space…

You should be landing and exiting at taxiways A4/A5 possibly A3 if you are in a light (referencing @AlphaSeven’s airport diagram). You should not be using up the entire runway at KASE. Even a 757, the largest aircraft that is permitted at KASE, is able to exit before A6. If you aren’t able to then I recommend you take some more time practicing on hitting your exit ramp before you plan on flying into KASE on Live servers.

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Thanks for appreciations,glad you liked the service🤙


Man! You rock. When do you normally play? I’ll try to make it.

That’s interesting! By back taxi you mean using Pushback? Or actually turning 180°?

Thanks for replying. I didn’t I actually have that problem, but have been thinking about it. What’s your stand regarding contacting Ground?

A backtaxi is when you make a 180 at the end of the runway ;)


Or at any given point on the runway (on landing its often not necessarily at the very end) and then Taxi on the runway in the opposite direction (from the direction in use for takeoffs and landings).


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That’s so crazy. Aspen, Colorado looks like a beautiful place:)

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The aircraft landing would be given clearance. All aircraft requesting pushback and taxiing would be stopped/cleared for the aircraft landing.

This happened to me when I departed KASE. I had to wait to pushback for 5 minutes 😂.

Prashant Divedi did a seriously good job at separations!

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IF needs to change that TFR as the 757 or A321 (Even the 737 and A320 for that matter) aren’t supposed to land at KASE. If it’s an emergency they are sent to KEGE where 757s land regularly.

I have had this issues at Caribbean airports where you kind of had to go to the back of the line and just taxi with everyone until you can get to the ramp. if there is an aircraft in every spot on the ramp just despawn. I know it is not realistic but the traffic at these small runway airports aren’t realistic either.

That’s would take up far too much time. It’s already super tight because they’re taking off and landing traffic at opposite ends of the runway.

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