Full A330 Rework

Hi guys, after many months of hard work, the developers pushed out 21.4 today! With this update we got a semi-reworked A330. The aircraft is still missing key components such as: gear hang/better suspension, A330-300 specific engine noises, and additional liveries. I understand that some may be offended, or talk-down to this topic, but others see this as necessary, and that the aircraft was incomplete. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the devs work on improving the A333, I’m just saying that it could be improved further. Moderators, please don’t close this topic right away, let there be discussion. I hope this can shed some light to the devs to improve the aircraft to likes of the 777 series, and the 752, which are amazing.

I think you’d be better off voting on the individual features you mentioned.

An example:

Also, regarding engine sounds:


Thank you for your feedback! A bit unclear on a few things though :)

It was rebuilt from the ground up. Not semi in any way.

“better” is a relative term. Elaborate?

We have explained this already. A full rework isn’t needed for that :)

Vote/request them separately. Individual liveries are added to models from time to time.


Smooth landing in the sim vs hard landing irl

Notice the lack of the “hang” in the sim


This was marked complete as of today! Quickest turnaround from request to update ✅