Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) E175 purple livery

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Hello! I was thinking about the upcoming E175 and E190 rework, and realised that there was only one Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) livery request. It is the gold livery. Personally it isn’t my favourite if the colourful FDA fleet. That is why I decided to request the purple livery. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see at least a few of FDA’s liveries as all of their aircraft are painted in their own colours.

FDA is a small regional airline in Japan. They fly E175s and E170s. Their hub is Shizuoka airport, but they are also based out of Kobe and Nagoya’s Komaki airport. They started to operate on July 2009. They have a fleet of 16 aircraft with 17 destinations. For more information, visit the wikipedia site below.

The color codes of the livery are the following:
Purple: Pantone 266C
White text: Pantone 11-0601 TPX
Yellow on the tail: Pantone 803C

In summary, I would like to see few FDA liveries in the E175 rework including the purple livery. It would certainly add color to the Japanese skies in IF. Hope you like it!

Nice livery! Some Japaneses would like this :D @Moots


Here’s a another angle of the plane on approach:

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Don’t forget we also have Asian E175 operators! Diversity

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Yes! I’m pretty sure there are only like less than 5 asian operators

I’m glad that someone has finally decided to make a feature request for FDA liveries. Their liveries are such a sight to see and I want to see it in IF too. Will be giving full support for this feature request thread 💙💙


A bit of a slight bump but I dropped a vote for this one! Fuji Dream Airlines is certainly a unique E175 operator out of Shizuoka, Japan along with Nagoya. Wish to have this in the upcoming E-Jets rework!


Thank you! It sure is a unique E175 operator!

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This addition would also genrate traffic on smaller not so well known airports in Japan. If people don’t fly it realistically and go to Haneda for example, it would still bring some nice color. Any of the FDA liveries would!!

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This livery looks stunning! Purple would definitely add a super nice and vibrant “twang” to the fleet. In case you need it, the exact pantone color code they use for the aircraft is Pantone 266C. The white text is Pantone Pantone 11-0601 TPX, and the yellow accent on the tail is Pantone 803C.

Hoping to see this make its way in-game soon.


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Good to know! Thx for the information!

Edit: I included them in the topic

The beautiful purple livery taking off probably from Shozuoka as Mt. Fuji is in the background

Taken by Hiroyuki Sasaki

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Also if this livery is not your thing, you could try to find one of your liking in the requests below

FDA white livery

FDA gold livery

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I hope we can get at least one FDA livery in the upcoming E-jet update🤞 so if this is not for you, go check out the other FDA livery requests

The E-jet rework is coming closer! Let’s get some more votes to increase our chances of getting this!

There is a new FDA livery request. It’s the tea green livery. Here is a link to it:

We’ve got a another FDA livery request!
Here’s a link to it:

I’ve just realised that the pictures have not come in correct form. They look awful!😭😪

It could also just be my phone…🤞

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