Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer E170 (Pink Livery)

Hi all!

Today I found another livery that can fit beautifully into the rolling stock of Infinite Flight! Sometimes, you can get bored of the normal Japanese airlines like All Nippon, Japan Airlines, all that shebang. I’m surprised this livery is rarely ever mentioned within the community despite being one of my favourite liveries in the real world. Behold The Fuji Dream Airline Embraer 170!


Fuji Dream Airlines is a Japanese domestic airline based at Shizuoka Airport and Nagoya Airfield. It commenced operations in 2009 from Shizuoka.

Should this be added? You tell me!

Nice livery sadly I don’t have votes left

Before today, I have not even seen or heard of this livery before. Now that I do, I would love to see it in IF when the Embraer family gets reworked

Haven’t seen activity in this for a while. We need this once the E-Jet gets some attention!


That is one pink boi, here is a vote lol