Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer 175 (Gold Livery) JA09FJ

Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer 175 (Gold Livery) JA09FJ

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About Fuji Dream Airlines:

Fuji Dream Airlines founded on June 24th, 2008 is an airline from Japan based out of Nagoya Airfield (RJNA) and Shizuoka Airport (RJNS). It’s focus city’s are Fukuoka Airport (RJFF) and Kobe Airport (RJBE). All of the routes are in Japan and are used with either of it’s 3 Embraer E170’s or 13 Embraer E175’s. Fuji Dream Airlines is known for it’s different colored aircraft livery’s. They come across with all the colors of the rainbow.

Why this Specific Livery Color?

I decided to make the request for the gold livery. In Infinite Flight, there aren’t that many gold livery’s in-game currently and I thought this would be a very nice livery addition to the Infinite Flight family of aircraft. Fuji Dream Airlines operates a bunch of domestic routes in Japan.

Eh that’s a 175…

Superb livery tho, especially at sunset!

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It is?! It was marked as an E170 on Jetphotos

170-200 (aka 175)

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Oh, I never knew that. Hey, you learn something new everyday

Sadly I’m out of votes but I like this livery! I do like this airline in general with their funky colors!

Beautiful 😍 Gold

Imagine our first gold livery come to Infinite Flight! I would vote for it but I’m out of votes.

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Mine as well give this a bump since the E175 has been confirmed for rework

Such a lovely livery

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This would look really pretty in the sim!

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Nicely done, Mason! The gold is definitely unique; I don’t think there’s many gold planes out there, to be honest. If it helps elevate the detail in this request, the pantone code of the livery’s gold color Pantone 871C. The white text is Pantone 11-0601 TPX, and the singular yellow stripe on the tail is Pantone 803C.


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With our recently announced changes to the feature category, any livery feature request for operators that have unique liveries for each aircraft or group of aircraft within their fleet (rather than just one livery for all aircraft) will be closed. This is to prevent a feature request being made for every livery available. In these cases, community members can now create one generic livery request per aircraft type following the guidance below:

In cases where an operator has various/unique liveries for each aircraft within their fleet, one feature request should be created for that aircraft type as a generic livery request. The topic must include a list of the various liveries available (or a link to a source which contains them), and no more than 3 images to show some of the different types of liveries currently in use (e.g. feature request for “A320 Condor Livery”, includes a list of the different designs available, up to 3 images to show some of the different colored stripe designs that are currently in use on the A320 aircraft, and then if available, a link to where these can be found online)

Note: Frontier liveries are dealt with on a case by case basis but are unlikely to be permitted on the A320 series aircraft due to the large number already present in-app

If the feature request is chosen as a livery to be included in a future update, then we will decide which exact livery is included with a community poll (please note that this is subject to change based on design/time constraints or other internal factors).