Fuji Dream Airlines - E175 (Pink) - JA03FJ

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Fuji Dream Airlines (Pink) E175: JA03FJ

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Fuji Dream Airlines is a Japanese regional airline headquartered in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka, Japan. The airline was founded on 24 June 2008 and commenced operations on 23 July 2009; it features an all-Embraer fleet of three E170s and 13 E175s. The airline has three focus hubs: Shizuoka Airport, Nagoya Airport, and Kobe Airport. The airline also serves fourteen other destinations alongside its hubs.



It’s Spring time! In Japan, spring time brings the appearance of one of the country’s most iconic symbols: Cherry Blossoms, or Sakura (桜). The en masse blooming of cherry blossoms symbolise pink clouds and the nature of life in Japanese culture. Their presence plays a key role in the Japanese’s worshipping of nature.

Fuji Dream Airlines’ Pink E175, JA03FJ, symbolises the importance of cherry blossoms in Japanese culture and life with the vibrant pink colour. When put in contrast with the vibrant green colours of Spring, the blue skies of Summer, the vibrant red, orange, and yellow colours of Fall, and the white snowy mountains of Japan in Winter, this plane carries with it the beauty of Sakura wherever it travels, all year long.

It would be extremely meaningful to have such a beautiful and iconic representation of Japan and its culture in Infinite Flight, and JA03FJ’s Sakura Pink would certainly accomplish the task.

Pantone Details

The Pantone colours used by FDA in this livery are as follows:

“Pink” - Pantone 212C
White - Pantone 11-0601 TPX
Yellow - Pantone Yellow C

Fuji Dream Airlines is known for its colourful fleet of E-Jets; each E-Jet is painted its own distinct colour, marking its uniqueness. There are currently feature requests for the Purple E175, JA06FJ, Gold E175, JA09FJ, White E175, JA12FJ, and the Tea Green E175, JA08FJ. Help us achieve our Fuji Dream by taking some time and showing your support for those liveries too!

Thank you for reading and for your support!

Love the Fuji liveries, they are awesome! Here’s a pic:

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What a fitting topic to endorse this Pink Livery from Fuji Dream Airlines and also highlight the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan which we’re in the middle of one right now. Such a magnificent livery to see and I hope this livery will be added in the near future!

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Ohhh my we really need this! The tail kind of reminds me of Ethiopian airlines their livery.

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This looks good! I hope at least one of these comes to IF🤞

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Oooh! I love the pink, sorta matches my profile picture lol. Great feature request Toasty


Fuji Dream has some of the most interesting liveries in all of Japan, and this is not an exception. I would really like to see it added, but unfortunately I’m out of votes.