Fuji Dream Airlines - E175 (Orange) - JA05FJ

Fuji Friday Adventures with Fries and Bread Ep. 5

Fuji Dream Airlines (Orange) E175: JA05FJ

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Fuji Dream Airlines is a Japanese regional airline headquartered in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka, Japan. The airline was founded on 24 June 2008 and commenced operations on 23 July 2009; it features an all-Embraer fleet of three E170s and 13 E175s. The airline has three focus hubs: Shizuoka Airport, Nagoya Airport, and Kobe Airport. The airline also serves fourteen other destinations alongside its hubs.



A symbol of love, happiness, and the sun, orange is a colour designating positive energy and unity in Japanese culture. In a world and society that’s currently plagued with a seemingly endless stream of negativity, the vibrancy of the orange colour reminds us that brightness and positivity still remain.
For Fuji Dream Airlines, its orange E175, JA05FJ, shines a bright light (quite literally) on spectators and passengers as it travels around Japan. In the early mornings, one can easily see how it can represent the infamous “Rising Sun” of Japan, the sprightly orange radiating through the sky and clouds during twilight hours.
The color choice also perfectly reflects the company’s culture and approach to air travel: to create an entertaining and joyful experience from a loving team fro A to B. Having this livery in-game will not only brighten up your day physically, but perhaps, spiritually too! 😉

Pantone Details

The Pantone colours used by FDA in this livery are as follows:

“Orange” - Pantone 1505C
White - Pantone 11-0601 TPX
Yellow - Pantone Yellow C

Fuji Dream Airlines is known for its colourful fleet of E-Jets; each E-Jet is painted its own distinct colour, marking its uniqueness. There are currently feature requests for the Pink E175, JA03FJ; Purple E175, JA06FJ; Tea Green E175, JA08FJ; Gold E175, JA09FJ; White E175, JA12FJ; and the Navy E175, JA13FJ. Help us achieve our Fuji Dream by taking some time and showing your support for those liveries too!

Thank you for reading and for your support! ありがとうございます!

Honestly they should just add the whole fleet.


That’s what I and Lester are hoping for! It would be great to see all 13 E175s across the skies of Japan. They’re so unique and add so much diversity to the colours of the overall fleet of planes.

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I think you’re unique.

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Why, I’m flattered!

Actually I take it back.

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Thank you Ezzie 😊


With our recently announced changes to the feature category, any livery feature request for operators that have unique liveries for each aircraft or group of aircraft within their fleet (rather than just one livery for all aircraft) will be closed. This is to prevent a feature request being made for every livery available. In these cases, community members can now create one generic livery request per aircraft type following the guidance below:

In cases where an operator has various/unique liveries for each aircraft within their fleet, one feature request should be created for that aircraft type as a generic livery request. The topic must include a list of the various liveries available (or a link to a source which contains them), and no more than 3 images to show some of the different types of liveries currently in use (e.g. feature request for “A320 Condor Livery”, includes a list of the different designs available, up to 3 images to show some of the different colored stripe designs that are currently in use on the A320 aircraft, and then if available, a link to where these can be found online)

Note: Frontier liveries are dealt with on a case by case basis but are unlikely to be permitted on the A320 series aircraft due to the large number already present in-app

If the feature request is chosen as a livery to be included in a future update, then we will decide which exact livery is included with a community poll (please note that this is subject to change based on design/time constraints or other internal factors).