Fuji Dream Airlines - E175 (Navy) - JA13FJ

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Fuji Dream Airlines (Navy) E175: JA13FJ

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Fuji Dream Airlines is a Japanese regional airline headquartered in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka, Japan. The airline was founded on 24 June 2008 and commenced operations on 23 July 2009; it features an all-Embraer fleet of three E170s and 13 E175s. The airline has three focus hubs: Shizuoka Airport, Nagoya Airport, and Kobe Airport. The airline also serves fourteen other destinations alongside its hubs.



When one thinks of Japan, the first colours that may come to mind are red and white (colours of the Japanese flag) or pink (colours of the famous Cherry Blossoms). However, there is another colour that carries a big role in Japan: blue!

Blue is a colour that’s deeply embedded into Japanese lifestyle and culture. A symbol of purity, dignity, and fidelity (among other things), the deep blues of the oceans and seas surrounding Japan have had an equally deep influence on the country and its people. It’s found everywhere from people’s clothing to everyday objects.

In the case of Fuji Dream Airlines, E175 JA13FJ is the chosen aircraft to proudly wear this eye-catching Navy colour. The richness of the blue provides a strong and gorgeous contrast against the clouds and Japanese scenery. Whether it be flying against the backdrop of snowy mountains of Northern Japan in the Winter or the green, yellow, and red of Japanese landscape during Spring, Summer, and Fall, this stunning plane is bound to turn heads and catch people’s attention. Plus, it would be a nice companion for the Gold E175, JA09FJ.

Pantone Details

The Pantone colours used by FDA in this livery are as follows:

“Navy” - Pantone 294C
White - Pantone 11-0601 TPX
Yellow - Pantone Yellow C

Fuji Dream Airlines is known for its colourful fleet of E-Jets; each E-Jet is painted its own distinct colour, marking its uniqueness. There are currently feature requests for the Pink E175, JA03FJ; Purple E175, JA06FJ; Tea Green E175, JA08FJ; Gold E175, JA09FJ; and the White E175, JA12FJ. Help us achieve our Fuji Dream by taking some time and showing your support for those liveries too!

Thank you for reading and for your support! ありがとうございます!

Love the Fuji Dream liveries 😍 Also I think the plane in the picture looks like it was printed on it lol.

I NEED MORE VOTES I would literally vote for the whole fleet.

Looks really good!!

This would be my favorite colour out of Fuji Dream’s wide variety of liveries. Dropped a vote for you toasty