Fuji Dream Airlines E175 - Community Poll

Y’all sleeping on Orange 😭

Banndo time to love those winglets!

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Wow with all the cool livery’s one can only wonder what other interesting airlines they will choose

Ex-Banndo.* 😉

Sorry, I’ll never like garbage. 😜

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So many choices! I can’t choose!

Okay, I chose wine red because I love that particular shade of red lol

Banndo will still be your nickname forever!

I don’t know what garbage you’re talking about! The winglets will look fantastic with the pink livery!

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😑 😑 😑

🤮 🤮 🤮

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yall r hilarious💀

I have to point out something extremely important though.
JA01FJ is not an E175; it is an E170 which will not be included in the rework as far as I know.
This option should be removed from the poll to prevent any misunderstandings or mix-ups on both sides.


I believe Tea Green (JA08FJ) will be the best option as the color as it represents an integral part of Japanese culture, tea (specifically green tea.)


I had pointed it out to the mods already, but it never hurts to have someone else pointing it out as well.

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Known but I can’t amend a poll after launched. If it were to win I’d reflect the Rose 175 (JA15FJ) which is the same color. Cheers.


Thanks for the response - I do understand what the issue is now.
Also, JA15FJ looks equally beautiful, and I definitely wouldn’t mind if it was added.

guess I won’t have a vote

Orange is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ERJ is going to be awesome!


pink looks very vibrant… definitely my choice

yessssssssss luu you are correct

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I wish all of them could be in


I like the white one