Fuji Dream Airlines E175 - Community Poll

I have to point out something extremely important though.
JA01FJ is not an E175; it is an E170 which will not be included in the rework as far as I know.
This option should be removed from the poll to prevent any misunderstandings or mix-ups on both sides.


I believe Tea Green (JA08FJ) will be the best option as the color as it represents an integral part of Japanese culture, tea (specifically green tea.)


I had pointed it out to the mods already, but it never hurts to have someone else pointing it out as well.

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Known but I can’t amend a poll after launched. If it were to win I’d reflect the Rose 175 (JA15FJ) which is the same color. Cheers.


Thanks for the response - I do understand what the issue is now.
Also, JA15FJ looks equally beautiful, and I definitely wouldn’t mind if it was added.

guess I won’t have a vote

Orange is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ERJ is going to be awesome!


pink looks very vibrant… definitely my choice

yessssssssss luu you are correct

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I wish all of them could be in


I like the white one

All so ugly in my view (sorry! 😉), I chose the grey one, without any hope of winning!

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I voted for Tea Green to have a replacement for Kulula

Navy blue anyday

So glad to see this come to a community vote, we’ve definitely struck gold with these options.

It’s anyone’s guess which one I’m voting for, I feel like people just coming out and saying it gets a little (g)old.


I really like it! Really excited to see one of these in the simulator when the E - Jet rework update comes out!

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@Adventures me too.

Hard to decide - they’re all beautiful ❤️

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Thank you all for participating in our Fuji Dream Airlines livery poll for the E175! It was a tight race with 1669 votes cast, but there can only be one winner.

The winner is…

Navy Blue


Votes: 283

Photo Source

Full Results

Color Registration Votes
Navy Blue JA13FJ 283
Gold JA09FJ 225
Pink JA03FJ 201
Wine Red JA14FJ 150
White JA12FJ 132
Violet JA16FJ 112
Orange JA05FJ 112
Grey JA10FJ 112
Green JA11FJ 90
Tea Green JA08FJ 88
Purple JA06FJ 66
Raspberry JA01FJ 65
Yellow JA07FJ 33

The Navy Blue (JA13FJ) livery is the only planned FDA livery. Development and release timelines are always subject to change.