Fuerza Aérea Argentina's NA F-86F-40 Sabre

The Sabre in the FAA was the American offer against the nationally manufactured I.A.e Pulqui 2. The Pulqui 2 started development in the late 1940s, spanning 5 prototypes, the last one flying in 1959. The Pulqui project was cancelled due to lack of government support, among many things. The US offered Argentina 100 Sabres, of which only 28 arrived. Their last mission was in 1978 in the almost full scale war against Chile for the Beagle Channel.

I took these photos yesterday on my trip to the Museo Nacional de Aeronáutica in Buenos Aires. If you ever visit the city, do take time to come to this museum. The entrance is 500ARS (1,5 USD).


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Cool plane

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