Fueling a 737-400 at work

Hello IFC,
I recently while at work got the opportunity to fuel one of our contract customers and there cargo 737-400. We have contracts with a few other carriers to fuel there airplanes but since a 737-400 is rare I thought I’d share it with you. They took on 9,000 pounds of jet A or roughly 1200 gallons.


Pretty cool! Is fueling a plane like a car?

Nope. Totally different

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You should make a post about how you fuel a plane. I think a lot of people would find that interesting.


Hmm interesting! Maybe I will

I worked for AA at DFW on the Ramp as a Crew Chief. I always saw the fuel trucks fueling airplanes. It would be cool to learn more about refueling.

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Thats so cool! Those 734s are so rare now.

They are very rare. Cool airplanes

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Ill think about it and write something up

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