Hello IFC, i am going to do a flight from KPDX to KLAX in a md11F and I went on

I was just wondering if around 22% of fuel is little

No, that flight is short. 22% you should be fine.

Take what fpltoif.com gave you’ll be fine.

I’ll see and since I’m going 36,000 what speed should I go

Should be fine. you can always add more I guess. Just look at your flight time and make sure you have 30 minutes to 1 hour more.

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I would add a bit too be safe (as long as you are fine regarding MTOW and MLW).

Probably somewhere around .84-.85 i don’t know what the MD-11F cruises at but i know it’s something like that, could be even .83 someone please correct me if i am wrong

Ok so around 80

Check out this please:


Thanks all my questions are answered

This one may be a little more accurate


And this:

Mach 0.83 should be your best bet, just as @Alphadog4646 said.

Have a good flight!

Was just about to add it, thanks for sharing as well!

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@Alphadog4646 looks like I might not have enough fuel

Are you at cruise yet?

Well if you just took off it’ll show red. Once you get to cruise you should be fine.

Yes I just took off but I’ll see

What you need to do it set the cargo weight and then take the fuel calculations from fpltoif or simbriief.
If you use pax count I think if and simbrief has different passenger weights so I’d reccomend putting it in all as cargo. If you use simbiref classic you can override the ZFW to the weight of the aircraglft with no fuel.
Speed and altitude is on the flightplan on fpltoif

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