Fuel Worries

Hello IFC!

Right now I am doing a flight from KEWR (Newark Liberty Int’l) to WSSS (Singapore Changi). I am doing this to become a Grade 3 pilot but the ETE to Dest indicator has been red for the majority of the flight. I have the weight at 220000 pounds. Will I make it on fuel?

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How far are you from your destination and how much time in fuel does it say you have?

I am about 9470 nm away from destination with 16:03 fuel remaining.

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I have about 212,000 lbs of fuel remaining.

How much time to destination? And what is your speed altitude, and aircraft…

Ha lol I am flying over your name right now. @KPIT

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Wait, your flying west?

9450 nm to destination, mach 0.87, 37000 feet, boeing 787-10.

Yes I am, is that a problem?

Like this?


And I don’t think the -10 can do that any way you go…


Because that is way longer, you need to fly north like the real flight did, and a different aircraft…

Well eventually when I reach next wpt, it will turn south.

Maybe I shouldve used the super jubo…

The -10 can just make the route on a near direct routing over the pole. At your current position you should not be at FL370 as you need to step climb. See this: A Guide to Step Climbing

What he’s saying is that you’re supposed to go over the arctic circle because it’s less distance to fly over because (despite unpopular belief), the earth is spherical.


Ya, I mean take a northerly flight path in general, not one waypoint to the next…

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Ok, so i guess I should start over again…

Here’s 2 different flight plans.

This one is around 8000nm, going the most direct route (over the North Pole)

This pla, goes over the entire Pacific Ocean and is almost 10,000nm.


I mean, it’s doable… but if you loaded the fuel quantity for the time that the normal route takes (I think it’s 18hrs?), you probably don’t have enough.

Yes, I will start over again on a different route.

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