Fuel Warning Before Departure


I have a question for you: Are you human? I sure hope so! If you are, (I hope), you probably make mistakes sometimes. You will make mistakes in many places, Infinite Flight being just one. One of the mistakes that I make in Infinite Flight is not loading enough fuel before departing - and realizing my mistake only when I reach my cruising altitude. I cannot even begin to say how many times that has happened to me on basically every type of flight. This request is my goal to change that.

What would this feature do?

My idea of this feature being implemented would be similar to this: You file your flight plan, get your autopilot set, and get whatever else done during the planning stage. Now comes the fueling. The pilot would go to the weight and balance tab, load up the passengers/cargo, and then start fueling. If a pilot is flying, say, from New York to London, (a roughly 7hr flight), any fuel quantity below that time (plus a pre-determined variable number decided by the devs) would trigger a visual warning, similar to that of the MTOW/MLW popup at the top of the screen. The pilot would then adjust accordingly, and fuel up with enough fuel to go to his destination.

If you can, please vote for this topic; if not, no worries! This would be a feature that would allow pilots to plan for their travels with a lot more ease, and make most everyone’s flying a lot more fun!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

The title say “Before Departure”

I like this idea! I’m out of votes, but this could be very useful, as I used to take off frequently, and accidentally, with barely any fuel in the aircraft. I support this!


Though with a implementation or use of checklist would be a good alternative to having a alert for warning. I do like this idea a lot!!

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For those having trouble with fuel amount, I highly recommend knowing how long your flight will be before taking off. Always check the estimated fuel time that Infinite Flight gives you according to the amount of fuel you are using, and add 1:30 more hours to your estimate fuel time according to your predicted flight time. So if your flight takes around 4 hours, make sure to add 5:30 hours of estimated fuel time so you will easily be able to get to your destination and be able to go around if necessary. If you don’t know how long your flight will take, a good rule of thumb is to add 1/1.5 more hours to the distance in kilometers. For example if your flight is 2,500 kilometers, expect around from 3.5 to 4 hours of flight time going between 0.82-0.85 cruise Mach speed. You may add only 1 more hour to your ESTIMATED fuel capacity if you are flying with a really efficient aircraft such as the a350, but if you want you may still add 1.5 more hours to fuel capacity just to make sure. Hope this helps.


Personally that would just be distracting as IF’s fuel estimates are just that, estimates.

I just cross check fuel onboard with min-takeoff fuel from the Simbrief flightplan as a part of the Before Takeoff Checklist, and for further redundancy the preflight checklist includes a fuel load check, annnnddd enroute fuel checks at specified waypoints.

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I agree with you on a few of those points - I think the reason that this would be a really handy feature is because some people might not want to use simbrief, and may just want to do a flight without all the expert planning (I was one of those people for quite a long time) - this allows them to still do their flights their way!

I just fail to see why IF should encourage guesstimating fuel loads and other “expert flight planning”.
I think that would set an unfortunate precedent for what market IF is trying to appeal to.

I’m afraid I don’t follow. Just in case I wasn’t clear, this feature would help pilots who may not understand or have access to simbrief, complete their flights with a lot less hassle.

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Well, while taking off, if you don’t have enough fuel, your meter below will probably go red, and you can preform an RTO or takeoff and land again, but I understand how annoying it is, I’ve done it so many times as well lol

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And a side note: this feature would not replace simbrief - it would make the fueling calculating process simpler for those who need it that way

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