Fuel Used Showing 0KG

Device:Samsung Galaxy M31
Operating system:Android 11
On the latest version of Infinite flight

Some background information I just finished a 2-hour flight but it shows me 0 KG fuel used. I started the flight with normal fuel and weight setting because it was quite close to my planned fuel.

It is the first time this type of glitch has happened to me.

Did you reset the fuel back to its original quantity (fuel added before flight)? If yes, that’s why it shows 0kg.

No, I didn’t reset any fuel or weight

Did you select light , medium or heavy on the bottom left when selecting ur fuel quantity ?

Normal fuel and weight quantity.

So i’m guessing you clicked medium. I pretty sure this a bug that has been in IF for years but there is no apparent reason behind this if it isn’t a bug. So there is nothing to worry about your fuel will still burn and the weight on the plane will also change.

Ohh ok, thank you hopefully it is fixed soon.

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