Fuel Used Reset Annoyance

Until recently Fuel Used reset to zero automatically at the start of a new flight. Now, however, there are conditions in which Fuel Used remains set at the amount used at the end of the previous flight. If one spawns into a parking slot, Fuel Used resets to zero. But at airports with no parking, spawning is onto the runway with the engine running, and Fuel Used does not reset to zero. In these cases Fuel Used can only be reset to zero by moving to a taxi way and turning off the engine. In those few airports with no taxi way, there is no way to reset Fuel Used.
This is a problem when I have to file a flight report with my VA that includes Fuel Used and I notice that I am only 10 nm from the runway, but have “used” 250 kg of fuel. Could IF be returned to the automatic reset of Fuel Used at the start of all new flights? Thanks.

This is due to being on the runway. The best thing is to choose edited airports.

Hi, Chris. Are you sure that being on the runway always had this problem? I had not noticed it until recently.
Unfortunately, a lot of the places I like to fly are without edited runways.

Not sure. If you can write up steps for me to repeat I can see if I can make it happen.

OK, here is a recent example. Flew a TBM930 from OEJN to OE48, and ended flight. Next spawned TBM930 into OYHD and was on runway. I moved to the taxiway to set up my flight plan, but forgot to turn off engine. Fuel Used was as from end of previous flight.
Thanks for your interest in the problem.

After much trial and error I have come up with a work-around for the “Fuel Used” problems at unedited airfields where the flight starts with the plane on the runway with its engine running. In addition to “Fuel Used” not resetting, “Fuel Used” also fails to count at the start of flights when taking off from these unedited airports. As Chris stated above: This is due to being on the runway.
To fix the problem you first have to taxi off the runway, either onto a taxiway, or if none is available, onto the grass, sand or mud beside the runway.
Next, go to “weight & balance” and slide the fuel amount to zero, then back to the amount of fuel you want for the flight. Note: this will stop your engine.
Now, restart your engine and taxi back onto the runway to take off. “Fuel Used” will start at zero and count out the fuel used as normal.
I understand that only a few IF users will ever encounter this problem, but if you like to fly small planes to small airfields I hope you will find this useful.

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